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Join in with #EasyMamaStyle

Inside: All about #EasyMamaStyle on Instagram

Do you ever look at style photos on Instagram and feel a bit crap about yourself?

I know I do.

The people posting seem to have a never-ending supply of new clothes and budgets that extend beyond the average household income. Plus they all seem to have gorgeous homes or neighbourhoods as their backdrop.

Everyone seems to be a model these days.

But not me. I am a mum living in a mid-terraced house with damp leaves cluttering up my pathway and an ugly PVC front door. I live in a boring street with unattractive pavements and cars blocking the way. I also have a basic wardrobe, with basic clothes and basic brands. Nothing fancy.

But do you know what I do have? I have an eye for style.

Style is different to fashion. You don’t have to have a massive budget or a new outfit every week to look and feel stylish. And that is what I want to promote.

I want everyone to look and feel great.

And so #EasyMamaStyle was born.

I am going to share outfit ideas using my everyday wardrobe, sharing ways to style it up with a tuck here or belt there. And I would love if you joined in too. Whether it is because you love dressing up outfits or whether it is through being inspired by someone else in the community, I would love to see your outfits.

There is no set day, but every week I will scroll through the feed and share my favourite looks in my stories. Outfits that share how you’ve spruced up a jean & t-shirt look with a jazzy belt or a floaty dress paired up with some jazzy pumps. Just outfits that could be replicated by anyone else and their wardrobe.

Easy. Mama. Style.


I hope you love the idea. I look forward to seeing what outfits you love to wear.


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    Claire Rocks
    January 9, 2020 at 8:46 pm

    Katy, I adore this feature! As a mum, I’ve totally lost all my fashion sense. I now wear what I’m comfortable in, over fashion. I kind of have my own style.

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      January 9, 2020 at 9:51 pm

      I totally lost my way and I don’t even think I’ve found my back yet. I used to be so flamboyant as a teen but I just became frumpier and frumpier as time went on. I’d love to find my flare again but I worry that mums at school might be like what the hell is she wearing haha!!

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