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How To Bring Hygge Into Summer

You will know already that I am a massive fan of hygge and the Danish way of living. Over the last few months I have fully immersed myself into it all and am much happier for it. I shared with you 7 ways to bring hygge into your life back in the autumn and my post around springtime hygge has been so so popular. But, you can bring hygge into summer and it is my new favourite thing!

bring hygge into summer

I have been looking forward to writing this post ever since I started this series and it has made me long for summer even more than normal. Reading up about hygge and how it is implemented throughout the year has made me see that I adore summer and the ways that it can actually be even more cosy that autumn!

So how can you bring hygge into summer?

Here are 5 easy ways to bring hygge into your summer plans, helping you to get those happy cosy vibes through the sunny months of the year.

Picnics – Or any outdoor dining for that matter. Is there anything better than throwing an impromptu event? I love packing up the car with a picnic, some blankets and heading out for the afternoon – it brings us all closer together and gives us the thrill of an adventure.

Flowers – Whether you have a garden or a window box, get planting and breathe life into your outdoor space. Seeing colour as you look out of your window will definitely make you smile.

Ditch technology – The colder months tend to see us all huddled around the tv, so we make a point of getting away from all technology in the summer. Unplug and switch off – you’ll feel so much better for it!

Lighting – atmosphere is so important and nothing makes you feel more cosy than some lovely outdoor fairy lights and of course some candles – hygge is all about candles! Picture the scene, feet up, cocktail in one hand, book in another and the fairy lights twinkling around you. Bliss.

Blankets – When the sun goes down, the evening doesn’t have to stop so have some warm blankets to hand. Wrap yourself up and carry on the hygge vibe.

If you have the equipment then a great way to get back to nature and get that hygge feeling is to go camping. Going back to basics, sleeping under the stars, encompasses all of the above points and is something we love to do.

Do you love summer? What are your favourite activities that get that warm fuzzy feeling? 


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