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Helping Baby Sleep & Our Motorola Video Monitor

Wills is now a little over 4 months old and as of the new year he has been sleeping in his own room. I know the advice is to have them in with you until they are 6 months to a year but honestly I just can’t do it. He keeps me awake and I keep him awake and the bigger he gets, the more he wriggles and pushes Mr F out of the bed!

I didn’t want to throw him into an unknown environment and so I have been letting him spend more and more time in his cot during the day. Every time I have something I need to do upstairs I pop him in, under his mobile and he gurgles happily until I return. This has helped him to become familiar with the surroundings and allowed me to move on to the next phase – naps!

He isn’t the best napper at the moment but I have persevered and more often than not he will sleep for an hour or two throughout the day. The main breakthrough we have had though is that he will happily go to sleep at 7pm in his cot and again after his bottle at 10pm. This might not sound amazing to some but considering I have had him sleeping on my lap and then in my bed from birth it is quite liberating! He does still come into our bed at 2am as he just gets a bit lonely really (and I am too lazy to feed and put him back) but it is all progress isn’t it?

The thing with putting them into their own room is the not knowing that they are ok isn’t it? When he would sleep on my lap I would be able to see him, when he is in the bed I just know. So when Motorola got in touch and asked whether I would like to test out their Motorola Connect Baby Monitor I jumped at the chance – anything that gives me peace of mind is a must!

Motorola MBP853 Connect Baby Monitor camera system review

The MBP853 Connect is a really great system as not only does it connect to a monitor, it also connects to an app on your phone – meaning you can check in wherever you are! You can adjust the camera remotely and even zoom in for a close up view, but the best thing for me is the fact you can talk to them! I don’t know if you’ve seen Gavin & Stacey when Nessa is talking to Neil, The Baby through the monitor – it is just like that!! Obviously we don’t need to do that now but as he grows I can tell him I am on my way – I can’t wait!

Motorola MBP853 Connect Baby Monitor camera system monitor

Another cool feature is the fact you can play music through the camera. It has a lullaby player built-in so you can help them to drift off to a tinkly tune. Basically they have thought of everything!

We had monitors for the girls, nothing as fancy as this but I wouldn’t be without it now – especially being able to log in via my phone. We live in such a connected world and being connected to my baby at all times is the most important thing right now. I need to be able to see that he is ok in his cot, to hear his snuffly breathing, without having to sneak into his room like a ninja to check!

I am hoping that before long Wills won’t need to sleep in our room at all so I will be relying on our monitor more than ever, but knowing I can check on him whenever I like gives me one less thing to worry about. If you are looking for a baby monitor to give you peace of mind too then this is one of the best ones I’ve seen. I would definitely recommend it!

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