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HappyDays is back!

Once upon a time, I used to write a weekly roundup of all the things that had made me happy. Somewhere along the line I got overwhelmed by blogging and I cut the series out.

But I miss it. I miss writing on my blog. Sure people can catch up with me on Instagram, but it just isn’t the same as sitting down for a cosy up to have a real read of someone’s thoughts. Do you know what I mean?

The sad thing is, lots of bloggers have neglected their blogs in favour of Instagram. So now nobody seems to write anything worth reading – so I don’t read blogs.

I want to change that!

So HappyDays is back and I am excited about it! I am excited to write about my week, share my thoughts and use this space as I used to. So without further ado…

Out & About

It is so hard to make the effort to get out at this time of year, isn’t it? I was definitely a bear in a past life as I just want to curl up and sleep til spring! But, this week I was forced out of the house for a few birthday parties and actually it did me the world of good. I was able to catch up/ get to know some mums at school – something I never normally get to do with the rush of school-runs.

Fun at home

He’s been so smiley and happy this week

I posted on Instagram about wanting to make better use of my time with William and after some fab suggestions, we spent some lovely time reading on the sofa. Moments like those are simple but something that I will remember forever.

Time for me

I have been trying to jazz up my outfits with accessories after chatting with you about feeling a bit drab. I basically don’t feel pretty when I look in the mirror and it all boils down to not making an effort. So, after a quick visit to town with a friend, I managed to get some accessories to spice up my wardrobe.

I was thinking about doing a ‘week of outfits’ video – would you like to see that?

My happiest moment

My favourite thing of the week was this morning when I accidentally left an hour early to take Lils to a birthday party. We decided to take a detour to the shopping mall and have a mooch together. We hardly ever (if at all!) get to do things just the two of us, so it was really lovely. She is a mini-me and it was so nice trying on hats and necklaces etc and just walking along holding hands.

Next week I’d like to…

Get more organised. These last few weeks I’ve been late, rushed and stressed with most things. The nights drawing in have really affected me I think. I am going to write a big to-do list and also get out my daylight lamp to try and boost my mood!

I hope you have a fab week!

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