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Happy Days: Time off, party planning and fun at the farm

Inside: A roundup of our week – “Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day.”

Out & About

We’ve hibernated a lot this week as I’ve just not had any inclination to get out of the house. But, I have realised that William is a little like a puppy – he needs his daily walk! One of my friends mentioned she was going to take her daughter for a ride around on her scooter and I knew we had to go too! The difference it made to his behaviour and mood was crazy – I will definitely be doing that again and trying to get out for some sort of exercise with him daily. That or I’ll have to get him a hamster wheel!

We also had a day out last Sunday at Willows Farm which isn’t too far away from us. Every year they hold a Santa Spectacular and it is indeed spectacular! If you are in the Herts / Beds / Essex area then it is well worth a trip – so much magic and a full day out for the family.

Fun at home

I think due to the fact that the weather has been freezing and miserable and therefore I’ve been hibernating, I have fallen into a ‘let’s sit on the sofa and watch movies’ habit. I need to snap myself out of it as we are just wasting our days.

Something I want to do next week is put down a large plastic sheet in the living room, plop a load of flour on it and get all of William’s trucks and tractors out to have some small-world fun. He will love it! There aren’t many weeks left before he starts pre-school and I want to make the most of it.

Time for me

Something I have done this week is take a step back from social media a bit. Partly due to the fact that Instagram has been playing up but partly because sometimes it is just healthy to take time off. Spending too much time in the online space can impact on your sense of reality and negatively impact your mood. With so much going on in the lead up to birthdays and Christmas I need to make sure I am in peak mental health and so I’ve enjoyed pottering around the house, making time to read and watching some Christmas movies instead.

My happiest moment

On Friday the girls had a day off from school as the teachers were taking their ‘occasional day’ (i.e. the day they go Christmas shopping). It was so nice to have them home and lengthen the weekend. We did colouring, watched Christmas movies (can recommend Claus on Netflix) and had lots of cuddles. I miss them so much when they are at school and weekends always seem to pass in a blur, so it was nice to have them home and have no plans other than enjoying being together.

Plans for next week…

This week I am going to be on action stations ready for Lily’s party on Saturday. Even writing that is making me stress out a bit as there is still quite a bit to do. It is very much a ‘make it myself’ type of party so I am going to be in full creative mood each day! Wish me luck!

I hope you have a great week!

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