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Halloween fun at Whipsnade with Boo at the Zoo

Inside: Our day at Whipsnade experiencing Boo at the Zoo – gifted tickets

We love zoos, you may have noticed by now. They are one of our favourite places to go as a family and so if ever we have a free weekend we will often go to one of our nearest zoos or to one of the many farms we have around us.

One that we haven’t been to in quite a while though is Whipsnade. It is a fairly large zoo and so can be tricky with little legs. Although you can, of course, drive around or get a bus so it isn’t impossible with little ones.

Over the next couple of weeks, they are running a Halloween event Boo at the Zoo, where visitors can come along and take part in different activities.

We had the best day, here are a few photos to give you a feel for the day…

The Halloween HQ isn’t open all day, so be sure to plan your visit to fit in with these hours.

The Extinction Graveyard – teaching kids which animals are close to, or already extinct.

Pumpkin carving – small cost but no more than you might pay for a pumpkin in the supermarket plus you don’t have to deal with the mess at home!

Spooky disco! There were quite a few things to do within the tent throughout the day – including arts and crafts and treats-making for the animals.

Facepainting is always a winner. Lily wanted to be a Pumpkin Princess.

Doesn’t it look amazing?

Wills and Grace decided they would rather have a turn on the safari cars.

We all wanted a turn on the Eerie Express though – so much fun!!

Once the main activities were ticked off our list it was time to go see as many animals as possible!

This is the first full-size hippo I’ve ever seen. Anywhere I’ve been before has had the mini ones but this was massive!

We were treated to a big splash!

The kids were exhausted by the end of the day but we all had the best time! If you love the zoo as much as we do and fancy a trip over half term – go check out Boo at the Zoo at Whipsnade.

We were gifted tickets in return for this post but I would have written about it anyway as we had such a great time.

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