Celebrating Mothers Day with Cath Kidston

Craft Idea: Mothers’ Day Rosette with Cath Kidston

Sometimes an email plops into your inbox that just brings a smile to your face. One such email arrived a couple of weeks ago and I was so excited to get involved. Cath Kidston are such an iconic brand and so to be able to work with them is such a privilege. They are currently running a mothers’ day campaign which encourages and inspires people to get creative and make something for their mother or special lady in their life.

There are craft tutorials over on the Cath Kidston blog if you want to check them out, everything from paper flowers to patchwork cushions. I was asked whether I would like to give the rosette a try and although I am not the world’s best seamstress I loved the look of it and wanted to give it a whirl!

All you need is some pretty fabric, a button, thread and a little ribbon. Hobby Craft is fab for all things crafty, possibly one of my favourite places ever!

Make a rosette part 1

First of all you need to draw around the button the reverse of the material. I used a special fabric pen but you could use a pencil. Then draw an outer circle 2cm out from the button.

make a rosette part 2

Cut around the outer circle and then turn it over. I am not sure if it is totally clear to see but I have written ‘mum’ and drawn a heart in the middle (inside the inner circle). Of course you can write any message. I am going to make another one for Mr F’s Grandma, his mum died when he was young and so she has always been a mother figure to him and his two younger brothers.

make a rosette part 3

Back stitch is my favourite stitch, I am not sure why but there we are! Go over the top of the writing in blue and over the heart in red.

make a rosette part 4a

Now it is time to do a simple running stitch which will gather when pulled. Insert the button and tie the ends.

make a rosette part 4

The hardest part is done, although that was pretty simple wasn’t it? It is now time to make the rosette part. Cut a strip of material, 33cm by 3.5cm. If you have pinking shears then that is great. If not, don’t worry, it will still look great once it is gathered in. Use the shears along one edge, leaving the other straight. Use a running stitch once again so that the straight edge is gathered into the centre and it forms a circle.

Repeat this with a second piece of material, 21cm by 2.5cm long. Each time, fasten the ends into a knot to secure the rosette. Once you have the two circles you can stitch them together in the centre.

make a rosette part 5

Once the two circles are connected you can sew the button onto the front.

make a rosette part 6

Turn the rosette over and cut yourself a 19cm piece of ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half and attach at the back along with a safety pin.

make a rosette part 7

The final thing to do is to cover the stitches and bar of the pin with a tiny piece of material. Not the finest bit of stitching I have ever done but it was made with love!


Cath Kidston kindly sent me a gorgeous scarf to give to my mum, the rosette goes with it perfectly don’t you think?

Mothers' Day Rosette with Cath Kidston

I am not the craftiest person in the world and I think this is possibly the first time I have made something for my mum. I got such a sense of achievement from making it all by myself though. I had to laugh, when I showed Little G when she got home from school she said did you make that?! in such a surprised manner! I obviously need to make more things to show her that mummy is quite capable of turning her hand to anything!

If you fancy giving it a go, do tag me in any photos so I can see the finished result. If you want to follow the campaign on social media, check out the hashtag #CkcelebrateHer and get involved – you could win a Cath Kidston voucher!

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