Cosatto Woop in Hygge Pram & Pushchair | Review - What Katy Said

Why this is the pram of my dreams…

The day you have to put the carrycot away to make room for the seat of your pushchair, is a sad sad day. If you’ve been there before then you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I’ve actually cried. Have you? 

Putting the carrycot away is a symbol of time having passed too quickly. That your baby is growing up and on their way to being a toddler.

It is just too much to bear, isn’t it? 

The thing is, there are days when that growing baby still needs a pram. They still nap, still need to lie down, but their seat just isn’t the same as a snug carrycot.

Well, if you are due to have a baby or are on the lookout for a new pram, then I have the solution. Honestly, it is so clever and I am completely in love. Oh, and it comes with a matching changing bag and mat – win!

The Cosatto Woop is absolutely gorgeous and allows you to move from pram to seat in just a few clicks. It means Wills can have a proper nap, snug as a bug in a pram, but can sit up and look around when he wakes.

Can we just focus on the print for a minute? Do you love it? If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I am obsessed with all things hygge, so when I saw that Cosatto had brought out a hygge print I just had to have it!

The outside and the inside have a trees, cars and houses print and I absolutely adore it. It also keeps Wills happy as he is all about pointing at things right now, so likes to point to the different pictures.

So how does it convert from pram to pushchair?

The back of the seat has 2 clips, one to release the back for a roomier seat and one to pull the seat up so the child can bend their knees.

Isn’t it clever? It can also face forwards, but for now I am keeping him parent facing so I can chat away to him.

With the girls I had to move from pram to seat and never look back – it always made me sad that my baby days were over. But with the Woop, I can lay Wills down and he is back in a pram again.

Cosatto’s mission is to save the world of boring baby stuff and I love that it is done from our own Great Britain. Everyone knows Cosatto, you can spot one of their designs a mile off and I can tell you now, the day it arrived I squealed – I have wanted one FOREVER.

I must mention the basket, it isn’t the biggest I’ve ever had but it makes for a streamlined, lightweight design and is deep enough to fit lunch boxes, book bags and everything else that you need to cart around with 3 kids.

Of course, being a travel system, there is a car seat available in the same print. The Cosatto Port is a 0+ and is suitable from birth up to 15 months (13kg). You need adaptors and they click in easily to the chassis to allow the seat to click on.

Wills is quite a big baby but he still fits in nicely, meaning my mornings run much more smoothly, as I can transfer him quickly from car to chassis, to take the girls to school.

The seat clicks onto the Port ISOFIX base (sold separately) to make the transition even easier for me. Nothing worse than fiddling with seat belts, especially in bad weather.

The whole system is not only beautiful, it is versatile and saves you precious time every single day. It is going to last us until Wills is 3 years old and beyond should we have another baby.

Have I convinced you? Pop over to the Cosatto site to find out more and take a look at the price – I think that might be the final point to swing it. A big thumbs up from me!

We were gifted a Woop but as always, all thoughts and words are my own. 


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