Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Christmas Gift Guide For Him

I find it so so difficult to think of presents for Mr F every year and I don’t think I have ever managed to get him a surprise. I always leave his present until last and this year will probably be no different but, I have been gathering up a few ideas over the last few weeks – hopefully one of them will be the perfect gift! Most are of the techie variety as that is the sort of thing he loves – that and football!


Quad Copter Drone – £59.99

He has been after one of these for absolutely ages and I have always said no – mainly because either he or one of his brothers will end up breaking it! He’s been so brilliant over the last couple of months that I think I may just cave in! The thing I really like is the fact you can film from up high… so is possibly a selfish reason for wanting one….

philips 300 air purifier

Philips Air Purifier – £390

I actually reviewed the Philips Air Purifier a while back – it is absolutely brilliant! If you are looking for a useful gift that still sparks that techie interest then this is it. Since we have been using it the air quality in our bedroom has been so much better – shown by our ‘snuffly’ noses completely disappearing!


Adonit Snap Fine Point iPhone Stylus – £34.99

This is such a cool gadget and I may just have to steal it myself! The stylus is perfect for drawing or writing on your iPhone but the brilliant thing for me is the fact that you can use it as a remote for taking photos. I always struggle to take a good selfie with my iPhone as the button is in an awkward place – this solves that problem!


Terraillon NutriTab – £48.99

Mr F is a fitness fanatic and this extends to his diet too. His brother runs a gym and has given him a specific diet to live by – this involves weighing everything out every day. These scales are so clever as they connect to an app which then tracks your nutritional intake for the day. So, as well as weighing the food it tells you exactly what nutritional value it holds. The app is available on Android and iOS and gives you hints and tips for staying on track – just fab!

Mens Watch

Sekonda Gents Watch – £69.99 from Browns Family Jewellers

I love a man in a watch but Mr F hasn’t worn one in years! He is forever looking at his phone for the time, then being sucked in to social media. Wearing a watch avoids this and also means he looks stylish. It has mini dials which allow you to use it as a stopwatch and is water resistant up to 50 meters too which is great.


Netflix Subscription

We are loving our Netflix subscription – I wish we’d had one sooner. If you are looking for something other than a physical gift then this is ideal. There are so many brilliant series on there as well as movies in every category you can think of!


Haribo Christmas selection

Who doesn’t love sweets? Haribo are Mr F’s favourite – he always chooses them if we have treats. I love the packaging they’ve used for Christmas, just makes it a little more fun doesn’t it? These will make for a nice stocking filler and hopefully he will share a few with me too 🙂

Hopefully this have given you an idea or two and you won’t have to resort to the classic man gift…. socks!

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