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Choosing To Swaddle With ergoPouch

I have learned that every baby is different, each liking different things and having different needs. Gracie never liked to be swaddled yet Lils couldn’t sleep without it until she was around 8 months old. When Wills came along we were open to whatever he needed but it seemed he was fine without anything at all, just like Gracie. However, at around 3 months old he suddenly started to wriggle around in his sleep and wake himself up – not what you need when they hardly sleep as it is!

I know a lot of people don’t like to swaddle as they don’t want to create ‘bad habits’ or sleep associations. The great thing about having done it before is the fact that you know that half of the advice is nonsense. Lils grew out of needing a swaddle just fine and for the time she was swaddled she was a great sleeper – so I was happy to try it again this time around. Anything I could do to make him feel safe and secure was ok by me and swaddling does just that!


There are so many swaddle options available and through experience I know that you don’t want to be going for anything with velcro or lengths of material. We had a few such swaddles with Lils and she used to escape like Houdini half way through the night and wake herself up. What you actually need is something with a zip – just like the ergoCocoon swaddle and sleep bag.

Swaddling a baby ErgoPouch Cocoon

The reason the bag feature is great is the fact you do not run the risk of improper swaddling. The large bottom leaves the legs to be free, eliminating the risk of hip dysplasia. The other thing I like about the ergoCocoon is that it is a 2.5 tog, much warmer than other swaddles you can buy. I can remember swaddling Lils and then putting a sleep bag over the top – not safe at all! This eliminates that problem by combining the two! We have it in the Mint Star colour combo and it is just gorgeous don’t you think?

swaddling with the ergoCacoon

Since we’ve started swaddling him he has slept much better – in the days at least. He is now sleeping in his own room for naps and today he managed a good hour and a half, snug and toasty in his bag. He’s not the best sleeper at night still but small steps and we will get there in the end. At least I know that it isn’t his flailing arms waking him up and it is just his rumbly tummy needing filling!

swaddling baby with ergoPouch swaddle

The clever thing about the ergoCocoon is the fact that it has poppers by the arm holes, meaning it can transform into a normal sleep bag when baby is ready – I do like products that last and last giving value for money, don’t you?

Something I am excited to try when Wills is a bit older is the ergoPouch Sleepsuit which transforms from a sleep bag into a sleepsuit – perfect for when they start to stand in their cot! I know Lils missed her sleep bags when we had to stop using them but if I had known about these she could have carried on even when she was walking – a great idea!

For now though, he is happy being swaddled and I am happy knowing he is free from blankets, safe and snug in his bag.

Do your littles ones like to be swaddled? 

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We were sent the ergoCacoon but as always all thoughts and words are my own. 


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    January 29, 2017 at 5:53 pm

    My youngest loved being swaddled. I’m so glad I did it. We had better sleep.

    • Reply
      February 3, 2017 at 11:26 pm

      Swaddling is definitely the way forward! xx

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    Alex @ That Butterfly Effect
    January 30, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    Thanks for sharing this Katy as I absolutely didn’t know you could swaddle babies at this age – I’m sure all the books I read mentioned “up to 6-8 weeks”! Leo hated being swaddled so I was in two minds with Max earlier this year and as he was born during the biggest heatwave we had this year in mid-August, I was worried about him overheating – anyway, I ramble on. He sleeps fairly well but I’ve noticed during the day he keeps waking himself up and cries so I might give this a go to see if it does make a difference – if not, it’ll still come in handy as a sleeping bag. xx

    • Reply
      February 3, 2017 at 11:29 pm

      Oh definitely give it a go, Lils was happy as a clam swaddled up to 8 months and honestly if we’d had one of these I’d have let her go for longer x

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