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The Start Of Teething and Funky Giraffe Bibs

Teething. It has started. I don’t know when his first teeth will appear but I know that they are on their way, simply from the sheer volume of dribble he is producing! That and his need to put his whole fist in his mouth to chew on! But mainly the dribble…

I actually don’t remember the girls dribbling quite as much, they certainly didn’t have a dribble rash under their chins from it all or soak through several outfits a day, that’s for sure! I asked a few mummy friends if they had any recommendations for dealing with the dribble and they were all pretty unanimous in their answer – Funky Giraffe Bibs.

Funky Giraffe make the best dribble bibs according to my friends and after using them over the last few weeks I would have to agree. I’d bought a few other brands but Wills still managed to soak through and drench his clothes. Now I am not saying these last all day but they last considerably longer than any other I have tried, plus they come in the most adorable prints.

The photo above is actually of one of their new snoods. When I first saw it I thought it might be better for when he was a little older but oh my word, could he look any cuter?! I think it is my favourite and I want some more! The other bibs are all their classic bandana shape though and I have teamed them up with different outfits – I cannot tell you how much fun I am finding dressing up a boy!

Royal Greenwich Set of 5

Funky Giraffe White

Blue and White stars dribble bib

Royal greenwich collection Funky Giraffe Bibs

Funky Giraffe Royal greenwich set

Red spotty dribble bib

So funny looking back at these as I have taken them over the space of a couple of weeks and you can see how much he has grown, the little chunk! I really like the Royal Greenwich set as it is made up of reds and blues, which are my favourite two colours on him.

Green Pheasant Bandana Bib

Funky Giraffe Pheasent Bib

Blue Sleigh Bandana Bib

We were also sent a Christmassy print and the great thing about Funky Giraffe is that they have 2 sets of poppers so he can wear it next Christmas on the bigger setting!

Funky Giraffe Sleigh bandana

All of their bibs have a soft cotton front and an absorbent fleece backing, meaning they soak up all the dribble and stop it reaching their clothes and sensitive skin. The thing I really like about their bibs above any other though is the thoughtful design. Each one has a carefully designed fold so that it sites comfortably around their neck. Plus of course they all look super cute and go with any outfit – obviously I am loving that!

If you are going to dribble you might as well do it in style! 

I am so glad I asked my mummy friends as now he can dribble away and I know he won’t be getting any more nasty rashes. I am a Funky fan, are you?

my sig 2016

We were sent the bibs in return for an honest review. But as you can see we love them and as always all opinions are my own. 

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