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I’ve mentioned before that we used reusable nappies with Gracie and that although Lils never got on with them we were using them again with Wills. We’ve had a bit of a break from them after he had his jabs but are back using them again now and I am loving it. We’ve built up quite a stash over the years and I always get so excited choosing a nappy at each change. Sounds crazy if you’ve never used cloth but if you have then you’ll understand.

New nappies are always very exciting and we have been trying out a new brand over the last few weeks – Tickle Tots, set up by mum of 2 Sophia Ferguson.

Mums know what works best for their little ones and Sophia set out to make a nappy that would work for her little girl. Since then the company has grown and they now produce a whole range of gorgeous prints in different styles of nappy.

We were sent 2 types, one of their ‘Tickle Tots Originals‘ and a ‘Tickle Tots 2’s‘. Both are slimline, which is something I always look for in a nappy and both are birth to potty which will mean they will last until he starts potty training.

Tickle Tots Original – Orange Chevron

The TT Original is an all-in-one nappy and comes with an additional booster should you need it. Unlike some nappies that need a few washes to get up to full absorbency, this only needs one wash before the first use and then you are ready to go! It lasted just over 2 hours without the additional booster and it probably would have lasted well over 3 hours with the booster but I change him fairly regularly due to him having quite explosive poo most of the time!

Tickle Tots 2s

Tickle tots chevron

This print is so funky, I love it!

Orange chevron Tickle Tots

Double gusset

One thing I always look for in a cloth nappy is a leg gusset and I am pleased to report that this does an excellent job of holding in his explosions!

Tickle Tots 2’s – Blue Whale

Their newest addition to the range is their TT 2’s, an all-in-two nappy. I used 2-parters with Gracie and I never particularly got on with them but in the 3 years since using them they have obviously come along way.

TT original

What is good about 2 parters is that as long as it is just a wet nappy you can simply change the inner boosters, saving on washing the whole nappy.

blue whale nappy

Isn’t it cute? Definitely one of my favourite prints in our stash!

elastic back

Again, glad to report that there are no leaks up his back wearing this nappy – always such a relief!

For ease I do prefer the all-in-one but both work well on Wills and last a good few hours thank goodness. Always a relief to find a brand that works and from experience it varies from child to child too.

The thing I like about Tickle Tots as a brand is that they go that step further to helping the environment. Obviously by using cloth you are saving landfill from thousands of nappies but for every 1000 nappies they create they plant a native UK tree – how fab is that? They also keep packaging to a minimum, a small piece of thin recycled card came wrapped around the nappy, no plastic bags to be seen.

At between £15 and £18 they are in line with other brands out there and I would definitely recommend them if you are wanting to start or expand your stash!

Have you ever used cloth nappies? Would you consider switching?

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