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Rucksack, shoulder bag, carry bag – The Babymule does it all!

I haven’t always been an active parent. In fact, I think it has only been the fact that I have become a parent that has made me as active as I am.

When your children love to be outdoors, it doesn’t matter if you’d rather be snuggled up on the sofa watching daytime tv – you get on up and out and enjoy the weather no matter what.

And that is what my life looks like now. We go on long walks in the countryside, take trips to gardens, farms and adventure parks and we even have 2 weeks of camping in the wilderness booked in for this summer.

You know what? I actually love it!

When you are an active parent, you need something that will be versatile and meet all of your needs when taking a baby or toddler out with you, don’t you?

Well let me introduce my new favourite bag…. the Babymule.

I first heard about Babymule a couple of years ago and at first, it was just the fact that the bag clipped onto the pushchair that caught my eye. But oh my goodness – this bag is so much more – it is brilliant!

First of all, a rucksack is so practical, isn’t it? You can pop everything you need inside and leave your hands free to hold little hands or hold groceries or whatever else you want to do without worrying about a bag slipping off your shoulder.

It is a nice compact size (nobody wants to walk around town looking like they are off backpacking, do they?) But it also holds masses, deceptively so actually.

If you don’t want to use it as a rucksack, you simply hide the straps away inside a handy little compartment and voila – it becomes a handy carry bag.

It has two handles, one on the top and one so you can carry it sideways.

It can also clip onto your pushchair – perfect for going shopping in town so you can grab your purse easily.

Need to carry it but you don’t want a rucksack? No problem at all – hidden away inside a sneaky compartment is a shoulder strap. Just brilliant, isn’t it?

I hope my enthusiasm is shining through here because honestly, I just love this bag!

Ok, so I have covered the three different bag combinations. But let me tell you about the inside and all of the pockets.

The main compartment has a zip pocket, a mesh pocket, insulated bottle bag and a handy little bag for essentials like nappies and wipes.

Later on, it can become a cool bag as it is also insulated – perfect for keeping drinks cool on day trips.

The middle pocket has a little bag with a handy wet bag inside. We use cloth nappies most of the time so a wet bag is essential. But even if you don’t, you can guarantee someone will fall over and cover themselves in mud – inside the wet bag their clothes can go!

There is a handy key pocket – I am forever losing mine so this is great for me.

The front pocket looks tiny but it is actually quite big and perfect for your purse, your phone and any other bits and bobs that you might need to lay your hands on.

Basically, this bag has all the space you need, for all scenarios that you may need it for. You may think I’ve lost the plot raving about a rucksack so much, but get yourself one and you will understand why!

Take a look on the Babymule website for more – their limited edition prints are super cute!

I was sent this bag in return for an honest review – you can see I love it! 

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