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Do you know what you’re feeding your little ones?

You’d like to think that when you walk down the baby and toddler aisle in the supermarket that everything is nutritionally balanced, wouldn’t you?

Well, apparently that isn’t the case.

Companies have bought into the idea of baby and toddler snacks, making claims that their products are ‘nutritionist-approved’ and ‘natural’, when they are anything but!

Just look at this video – the amount of salt is shocking!

I honestly had no idea, falling into the trap myself as I didn’t know any better. I’m not alone – 85% of parents surveyed by Organix were shocked to find that some baby finger foods and toddler snacks contain almost the same level of salt as a regular bag of adult crisps!

Thankfully, being a part of the Organix No Junk Journey Team, I am starting to learn a lot more about these false claims and what they mean for my little ones.

What to look out for…

Organix have compiled a helpful list of things to look out for when shopping for baby and toddler snacks.

– Really long ingredient lists: go for fewer ingredients.

-Added ingredients: there’s no need for anything unnecessary, so avoid foods with added salt, sugar or flavourings.

-Unrecognisable ingredients: go for simple ingredients – look at the back of the packet and choose something with simple ingredients – things that you recognise.

-The organic logo – If you see an organic logo on the pack, you can feel sure what you buy has been made to the highest standards.

Organix have made a No Junk Promise and so you can always be sure that their products are free from any unnecessarily ingredients and are always organic.

But what about everyone else? We need to bring about change by demanding better regulations. 87% of parents asked said that they want to try and find healthy and nutritious snacks for their little ones – are you part of that group?

Where we need to see changes…

– Brands need to be more transparent and honest about what’s in their foods.

– The food industry needs to reduce levels of salt, fat and sugar in food targeted at babies/toddlers.

– Manufacturers need to put children’s health before profit.

– The food industry needs to take responsibility to provide quality healthy snack foods for little ones.

– More regulation to ensure food targeted at children is healthy and nutritious.

What are your experiences? Join the mission by sharing your views – sharing photos of foods and food labels using #FoodYouCanTrust.


This post is written in collaboration with Organix.

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    A Mum Track Mind
    April 5, 2018 at 7:52 pm

    This is so shocking isn’t it! Really useful post thanks for the tips hun x

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