5 Tips For Finding Your Blogging Confidence

5 Tips For Finding Your Blogging Confidence

I am over on LLB with some tips on finding your blogging confidence. Recently I have noticed that there are quite a few people who simply don’t value themselves as a blogger. There seems to be a belief that there are the ‘top bloggers’ and the ‘rest’ and I see people wondering how on earth they will ever make it ‘big’. The thing they fail to realise is that we all start at the same point, we all start with a blank slate and those so called ‘top bloggers’ will have had doubts in their ability at some point too.

There are days when I feel like I am failing as a blogger and yet I have people emailing me asking advice – so it just shows that even if you feel as though you aren’t doing well, there will be someone out there that looks up to you!

Here is the full post: 5 Tips For Finding Your Blogging Confidence

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