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It’s 4am And I’m Awake

I wrote this because, well, because Ive been there too. xx

To The Mum Awake At 4am

It’s 4am and I’m awake

It’s 4am and I’m awake. You’ve woken up again and I am exhausted. I shush you and rock you and wish you’d go back to sleep. I’d give anything to have a decent nights sleep. Why can’t you be like the other babies, I hear they are sleeping all night. I’m sure someone said you should be sleeping through by now…

I’m excited for weaning. I’m pretty sure you are ready now. I can’t wait to buy all of the cute little bowls and watch your face as you taste new things. Someone said you’ll sleep through if you are eating solids, that would be amazing…

Come on baby, one hand in front of the other, you can do it! Such a clever baby crawling early…

Ok, I wish you’d walk now! Walking will mean we can hold hands and you’ll look so cute toddling along. I’ll be able to take you to buy your first pair of shoes…

Such a chatter box, although I do worry your speech isn’t as good as the others your age. Say ‘doggy’ for mummy…

You still don’t like sleeping huh? Maybe if we put you in a toddler bed that will help, you’re getting too big for your cot now anyway…

I feel as though all I do is change nappies, it is never ending! Come on now, time to use the potty – it’ll be so much fun…


You are sleeping through the night now but where did my baby go? You’ve started pre-school and suddenly you are all grown up. I don’t know what happened, where did the time go?

I want my baby back.

I want to go back…

It’s 4am and I’m awake. You’ve woken up again and I am exhausted. I shush you and rock you but I don’t wish you back to sleep. Instead I hold you close as I know it won’t last forever. Before long you’ll be grown and I will miss these days. I am exhausted but I don’t mind, time is precious and every single moment counts.

I won’t rush the time along, I will enjoy you now. Just as you are.


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    Natalie Redman
    February 3, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    So cute! I love this <3

    • Reply
      February 3, 2017 at 11:39 pm

      Thanks Natalie x

  • Reply
    July 22, 2019 at 2:26 am

    Thank you for the reminder Xo

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