Cosy Afternoons With Netflix

We’ve had such a lovely weekend, just the 5 of us. It isn’t often we get to spend time just us as we always seem to be doing something – whether it be a family ‘do’ or going to a kids birthday party. We decided when Wills was born that we would make more time for family, our own little family, so that we can have quality time with the girls and each other. Now since him being born it has actually been the total opposite of what we’d planned, with visitors coming to see him and of course having a birthday party of our own for Gracie.

This weekend though, we had no plans at all (besides me needing to do a bit of filming for a project) so we decided to make some flapjacks and then stuff our faces while we watched a movie or two. 🙂

I haven’t done any baking with the girls for months and I’ve really missed it – they love it too so I do feel guilty for not being able to get in the kitchen with them sooner. I am pretty much back to my normal self now though so hopefully we can get baking more often. We were kindly sent some cool little aprons from Netflix and so they popped them on and excitedly listened to what needed to be done.

pouring the oats for flapjacks

measuring the sugar for flapjacks

While I melted the butter, the girls got on with measuring the rest of the ingredients. We used this recipe from Jamie Oliver- nice and simple although I added in some raisins too, just to add a bit more flavour.


With the flapjacks made, we settled on the sofa to watch the movie. Gracie chose Hotel Transylvania and I actually enjoyed it too – gotta love a kids movie sometimes!

Being on the Stream Team

We are loving Netflix, being a part of the Stream Team this year and I thought I would just share a few other shows and movies that we’ve been enjoying recently.

I’ve mentioned before that I am addicted to House of Cards at the moment- Kevin Spacey is just brilliant in it and I really like his character – although his relationship with his wife is just plain weird!! It is quite an old series (we are always late to the party!) but well worth a watch!

Before we started watching House of cards, we were completely sucked in by Stranger Things. You’ve probably heard people talking about it and if you haven’t watched it then you really must. I’m not always a fan of sci-fi but it really hooked me in and I am so glad they are making another series.

Speaking of a new series – I cannot WAIT for the new series of Gilmore Girls. I was obsessed with the original series years ago and couldn’t believe it when it was announced that a new series was being made. If you’ve never seen it then you can catch up with series 1-7 now. If you aren’t wanting to live in Stars Hollow by the end of episode 1 then I’ll eat my hat!

So besides me and Mr F, the girls are also enjoying the subscription. They sat and watched the whole series of Beat Bugs when they were poorly and we all sat and watched The Little Prince – such a cute movie. The fact they have their own accounts is their favourite thing and I am happy to let them choose anything they like as being a kids account means it is totally safe.

Family Time

With summer well and truly gone now, we will be staying indoors more and more. As much as I love the sunshine, autumn is actually my favourite season and I love nothing more than snuggling on the sofa. Family time is so precious and I want to make sure we carry on making that time for each other. We had such a lovely time this weekend that Gracie has asked whether we can do it again next weekend and this time stay in our pjs all day. We haven’t got any plans so I don’t see why not!

Girls eating flapjacks

Hurrah for lazy days!

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