Finally A Planner I Love!

I am a bit fussy when it comes to diaries and planners, they have to be pretty special to pass my test! I bought myself a planner at the beginning of the year, one that was recommended by other bloggers as being amazing. Unfortunately it has turned out to be pretty useless and I haven’t used it for anything other than the calendars each month. It cost around 30 quid too so I am not at all impressed. Thankfully I discovered bullet journalling a few months ago and this has kept me going in terms of organisation. If you haven’t heard of it then go check out my post as I am telling you now – you will love it.

The only thing missing from bullet journalling is a diary element. There are ways of getting around it but I much prefer having an actual diary that I can put in dates ahead of time and make plans for the future. This is what I needed from a planner and I have finally found one that works for me!! Hurrah!!

Life Planner from Unique Planners

If you are from the US you may well already use a ‘Life Planner’- awesome aren’t they? If you haven’t heard of them yet then in a nutshell, it is a planner than organises your whole life! Simple really! Mine is from Unique Planners and I adore it. The only thing is I have ordered a mid-year diary so cannot use it until August!! I want to get going now!!

Customisable pages

The diary itself is pretty straight forward, with monthly views and weekly spreads. The thing that I love about it though is the fact it is completely customisable to you. If you are a fitness fanatic then there are pages for that. Love to plan your meals? There are pages for that. Are lists your thing? Yep, pages for that too. My personal favourite, ‘jobs for hubby’ – I have 2 of those! Haha!!

The front cover is also customisable and I saw someone had made a photo collage and uploaded that. I went with one of their preset covers but next year I will design my own for sure – and there will be a next year as I love it already.

monthly tabs

The other thing I love (can you tell how much I am in love here?) is the fact you can choose various extras. So not only does it come with little tabs so you can find any month easily, as well as 2 ribbons (in your choice of colour) for bookmarks, you can also order washi tape, a pen holder and an elastic band to hold it all together. All in all, just a great little kit!

Day to day view

I have already added in birthdays, term dates and other bits and bobs for August onwards and cannot wait to start using it on a day to day basis!!

If you would like to get a little discount then use my code KATYSAID15 – I promise you won’t regret it!!

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  1. Katy this planner looks amazing! I struggle to find one’s that I stick to, I use my phone for my calendar as I share it with my hubby so we both know what’s going on. Love that you can personalise it, if it’s up to me I would personalise everything, slightly obsessed with personalising, promoting individuality is kind of a passion of mine! Clocked your baby due date 😉 Lizzie xo

  2. This looks amazing. I’ve played around with bulletin journaling, online shared calendars, diaries etc and have now resorted to a ring binder personalised to my needs. But it’s a bit unwieldy. Something like this would be perfect. Runs off to check out the website…

  3. Katy I’m really struggling to find the perfect planner. Everything I’ve got so far does not work! I wander of this would work for me? I will go check out their website!


  4. OMG excited going to take a look… I’ve just started bullet journaling so I think I need to see out my current book but there are aspects I’m not quite happy with… ????

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