A Weekend of Mindfulness and Relaxation at Ragdale Hall

I don’t remember the last time Mr F and I went away, just the two of us. We have been parents for 4 years now and having two little ones doesn’t leave much time for ‘us time’. I made a list of all of the things I wanted to do this year and a weekend away was one of them. This weekend saw me tick that off my list as we travelled just over an hour away for an overnight spa break.

Ragdale Hall is situated in the gorgeous countryside of Leicestershire and offers day packages as well as overnight stays in their luxurious rooms. We drove up the sweeping driveway and the closer we got the more excited we became- two days of relaxation, just perfect!

Ragdale Hall Bed

We were checked in and after a tour of the hall, made our way up to our room. We were greeted by our schedule for the weekend and two fluffy robes. By schedule I mean the times of our treatments and the times for dinner- the rest of the time was our own and we were determined to make the most of it!

Ragdale Hall Robe

As tempting as the robes were, we decided to go for an explore around the grounds and what better way to do it than by bike?

Katy riding a bike

It was so much fun, I haven’t ridden a bike since my hen do 5 years ago! We laughed so much as we raced each other down the lanes and I knew this was going to be the best weekend ever- time to find each other again.

I was a little preoccupied with taking photos of the surroundings so Mr F raced off ahead!

Mr F riding a bike

I’d soon catch him up though and by the end of the ride I had clocked up quite a good count on my UP2 band! Always a winner!

wearing my UP2 band

Once we had finished our ride we put the bikes back and set off on foot. The grounds are really beautiful, the colours of autumn are stunning against the brick of the old building.

Exploring Ragdale Hall

We stumbled across a swing built for two, things like that bring out your inner child and it all add to a relaxed state of mind.

Swinging in the grounds of Ragdale Hall

Swinging on the swing

This autumn weather does leave you feeling a little chilly though so we decided to head inside and change into our robes.

Ragdale Hall Spa Robes

Everything about the spa is inviting, we didn’t know where to start! Mr F decided he wanted to go to the gym, not my cup of tea so I decided to read my new book in one of their quiet rooms. That is something I have not seen anywhere else, a spa that cares for your whole well-being. They have several rooms that require quiet and one ‘The Retreat’ is for absolute silence, bliss!

Christmas Ever After

I chose the Pavilion to settle down to read as it was bright and welcoming, I read a third of my book- the most I have read in over 2 years! Before I knew it Mr F was back from the gym and over an hour had passed, time just slipped away and I hadn’t given it a thought.

We decided it was high time we went to the pool!

Ragdale Hall Swimming Pool

Don’t you just want to dive right in?

We spent a little (ok a lot) of time in the jacuzzi before we went off to explore the thermal spa. I have to say this was my favourite part of the whole spa – I didn’t want to leave! There are so many rooms to choose from, each with one goal in mind- relaxation.

relaxation zone

My favourite room was the Thought Zone, a heated room with gentle music and images projected onto the ceiling. I have to say I closed my eyes and almost drifted off I was so calm.

candle-pool-spaPhoto courtesy of Ragdale Hall

Another of my favourite rooms was the Candle Cave, a room I want to recreate in my bathroom on a weekly basis! You enter the room and descend the stairs to find a cosy cave at the bottom. The cave is in fact a pool, lit by candles and coloured lights beneath the water. Again you have to be silent as you listen to the gentle music. I don’t often get to enjoy silence, the constant noise of children has become the soundtrack to my life.

I fully intend on making my own Candle Cave at home with a lovely bubble bath and plenty of scented candles!

getting ready for dinner

Our dinner slot was at 6.15pm and so we dragged ourselves away from the spa, back to our room to get ready. There is no pressure to dress up at all and many guests choose to eat in their robes. However, we wanted to take the opportunity to get glammed up and enjoy a date night.

Date at Ragdale Hall

spiced vegetable soup

The menu had some very tempting dishes, it was hard to know which to pick. I am a big fan of soups though so knew as soon as I saw it that it would be my starter. Thankfully we had a bottle of water on the table as it was rather spicy!

pork belly main course

I chose the pork for my main, it came with roasted vegetables and herby mash- just delicious!

dessert at dinner time

Dessert was a delicious chocolate brownie ice-cream. It was real ice-cream too, so thick and creamy! My favourite part of the meal.

After dinner we took ourselves off to another one of the quiet rooms to read, this time the Lounge – a cosy nook of a room with comfy sofas and chairs. All it needed was a roaring fire and I’d have been in heaven!

reading my book

Normally, after dinner time is dedicated to getting the girls ready for bed. It was so nice to be able to sit and enjoy more of my book and I think I could have quite easily read the whole thing that night if Mr F hadn’t started falling asleep in the chair next to me. So off we went to bed, totally relaxed and ready for day two!

After a blissful sleep we were woken by a gentle knock on the door, time for breakfast in bed!

breakfast in bed

breakfast at Ragdale Hall

We had chosen our breakfast the day before but it was still a happy surprise to see all of the delicious food on the tray! On a typical day I will have cereal and that is it, so it was such a treat to have croissants, fruit, toasties and my cereal! I am also normally in charge of two small people so to be able to stay in bed and eat my breakfast at leisure was heaven!

You have to check out at 11am so we packed up our things and said goodbye to the room. You are invited to stay until 6pm though so our relaxation was not at an end! Far from it in fact as we had treatments booked for 11.30am.

In the Thermal Spa

We spent the morning back in the thermal spa, enjoying the outdoor waterfall pool and the various steam rooms. One thing I wish I had used was the exercise pool, I have never seen one like it before. It has exercise equipment actually in the pool, such a great idea!

exercise pool

Before long though it was time to head to the treatment rooms. We waited in the reception area to be called, another gorgeous relaxing space to enjoy.

treatment reception

Our names were called and we went off to get our treatments. What can I say? Magic hands took all of my stress away and left me feeling completely renewed. I knew I had tension in my shoulders but it wasn’t until the lovely masseuse began that I could feel the huge number of knots in my back. She gently teased each one out and used gorgeous Clarins products specific for my skin type.

Once my back was in better shape I turned over to have a facial. I could feel the tension in my face slowly melting away as she massaged various oils and creams over my skin. I could do with having a facial once a month and am definitely going to invest in some Clarins products as they were amazing!

wishing streamHow cute is this? Again, all about the mind as well as the body.

Feeling a little sleepy we left the treatment rooms to have a lie down by the pool. I am not sure I have ever felt so relaxed in my whole life actually, I was completely calm and rested. I managed to finish my book, a shock to me I can tell you! I love reading and really need to find more time to fit more books into my life!

Our lunchtime slot was at 1.30pm and this time we went in our robes. Lunch was a buffet and one of the options was a Sunday roast- of course I had to choose that! We started off with a starter first though, a delicious tartlet! Yum!

starter at lunchtime

Now a buffet meant I was in charge of loading it onto my plate, this in turn meant it wasn’t as beautifully presented as the food we had the night before, but it was still delicious!

roast dinner at Ragdale Hall

I don’t usually have dessert for lunch but when there is so much on offer it would be rude not to right? I may have helped myself to one or three…

desserts at Ragdale

As much as we would have loved to have stayed longer, we had to travel home to our girls after lunch. We left feeling completely revived, in mind and body, and have promised ourselves that we will treat ourselves more often. Everyone at Ragdale Hall made us feel so welcome, we will definitely be returning again in the future!

If you would like to spoil someone this Christmas then why not book your own weekend break? To find out more about their vouchers and Christmas deals visit the Ragdale Hall website.

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  1. That looks like such an amazing weekend huni! So glad you had a lovely time. I did laugh, as I am really tired and thought they had given you a glass of silverskin pickled onions for breakfast! 🙂 xx

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  2. Wow Katy that looks truly like the best time away ever. I am jealous. That spa oh yes please…love the photos. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round up and hope you have been enjoying the blog hop. #sharewithme

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  3. Everything about Ragdale Hall looks amazing. How crazy is the swimming pool with the exercise equipment in lol. I really wanted to visit Ragdale Hall for my 30th birthday. I am nearly 42 and still haven’t got there. I need to have a word with the husband. Fantastic thorough review Katy xx

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