10 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic

When you first start writing a blog you can quite quickly get tied up in the statistics. It can drive you mad, it really can! Soon enough you calm down and focus on the writing, but what about when you want to take your blog to the next level? You want people to read what you have to say! How can you boost your blog traffic?

10 easy ways to boost your blog traffic


When I first started my blog I knew nothing of stats, SEO or the work that comes along with owning a blog. Obviously that workload is my choice, I could rein it in and write when I please but that is not me. I knew very early on that I wanted my blog to be my career and so I had to put in the work to make that happen. In just 11 months I have grown my social media following, worked with amazing brands and started working as a freelance writer for other companies.

 If I can do it, so can you!

If you are reading this post then you are probably thinking about taking your blog to the next level. You want to work with more brands, build that community and earn some money in the process. Great! There are a few things you need to make sure you are doing to make sure people find you and better still, come back for more time and time again!

Here are 10 ways to help boost your blog traffic:

1. FIND YOUR VOICE – You will have heard this said many a time I am sure. But what does it mean? People will tell you to write in your own style and I have always done that but to truly find my own voice I had to get to the bones of why I was blogging. What does blogging mean to me? What do I want to write about? Who am I writing for?

It has taken me a long time to find my style, I have settled on using a blog as an actual blog. I document my life, an online diary. I also share recipes and other things that I love.  

So what do you want to write about? Once you have a style then readers will be able to identify with you and it will make them more likely to return.

2. BE CONSISTENT – This is very important for two reasons. Firstly, posting regularly will help your SEO. The more you write the more you will be seen, plain and simple. Secondly, if you do have fans then you don’t want to keep them waiting weeks between posts. People have short attention spans and so unless you are an established blogger you cannot afford to lose momentum.

I post 1-2 times a day. I mix it up with a recipes, travel posts and the occasional how-to post. I will sometimes write heartfelt posts but generally speaking they are a rarity. That is just my style though, remember – find YOUR voice.

3. SOCIAL MEDIA – Join ALL of the networks, that way you will target different audiences.

Twitter– A year ago I did not understand Twitter at all, I didn’t see the point! Now it is my favourite social media platform. I started off with 0 followers in May 2014 and now have over 7800. When I tweet a link to my post then there are thousands of people who can potentially see it and RT it. The more followers you have the higher percentage will see it in the waterfall of their feed.

Tweet posts out a minimum of 3 times a day using Social Oomph, that way you will hit different people at different times. I post mine over the course of a week so a post gets maximum exposure.

Facebook– This is where ‘real’ people will see your posts. These will be people who may not have Twitter, those who love to scroll down their newsfeeds and join in a good discussion. This is a great Facebook post if you want to know more about growing your page.

Pinterest- This is such an underused tool in blogging! Pinterest has over 48.7M users and they are all potential fans of your blog! Every time you publish a post you should pin it to your Pinterest profile. I have written about it in more detail here so go take a look.

Instagram- I like to think of this as the behind the scenes to my life, the photo moments that do not make it into every blog post. People love to see beautiful photos, so fill up your feed with pictures that make you smile. 

Google Plus– I will admit, I do not get Google Plus one bit! However, I do know that to help build good links with Google you need to be a part of it and post to it regularly. G+’ing posts and commenting in groups is also beneficial.

4. SEO – This is so important for organic searches to your blog. You don’t want the only source of traffic to be through Twitter or Facebook- you want people to stumble across you through Google and other search engines. 

By writing posts with SEO in mind you will use keywords most used by those searching for various topics. That way, when someone searches for something your post has more chance of ranking on the first page of results. Combine that with frequency of posting and your SEO will greatly improve!

5. GIVEAWAYS – A great way to boost those blog stats is to host a giveaway. When a company contacts you regarding a review then always ask whether they would like you to host a giveaway too. Yes those visitors may only be reading a post in the hope to win something but you may also gain some loyal followers!

6. LINKYS – I really love linkys! First of all they are a great way for me to find new blogs, by reading other blogs you can learn so much which can in turn help you find your voice. Of course they are great for stats too, the more linkys you join in with the more chance people will come visit your post and love your blog. I run the Happy Days link on a Saturday- a place to share your happy moments from the week. 

Perhaps you have an idea for your own linky?

7. COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT – Do you know what takes up 80% of my blogging time? Commenting! I always reply to every single comment left on my blog and try my best to return the favour- to me this is good manners but it also means you are building up a relationship within the community. 

I have also had people come to my blog after reading comments I have left on someone else’s post. Always leave meaningful comments and the love will come back to you.

8.  BLOG DESIGN – This is something I have finally managed to sort out. Unfortunately so many people will not see past a blog design and so even though you may write amazing content, if your blog design or navigation is poor then they will not hang about!

Invest in your blog and you will reap the rewards!

9. FANTASTIC PHOTOS – I love blogs with beautiful photos, I also love blogs that use text on photos well. It just makes everything more attractive and makes me more likely to stick around. Picmonkey is my favourite tool, I use it for editing most of my photos- cropping, resizing, adding text- you name it, Picmonkey can do it! I also use a DSLR camera- mine is a Nikon D3200 and I cannot recommend it highly enough. So easy to use compared to other brands. I have the 18- 55 mm lens that comes with it and have just bought myself a 50mm lens– so excited for that!

10. BE PROFESSIONAL – Whether this be on Twitter, in an email or on your blog, always remain professional. I have seen a fair few bloggers commit blogger suicide by swearing or ranting and raving in the public domain. Nobody is impressed and it will not make them want to visit your blog. PR companies are watching you all the time so you need to show them that you are someone who can represent their brand.

I hope that has helped you, there are so many ways to boost blog traffic but making sure you cover the basics will ensure you get noticed by brands, rank higher in the search engines and keep readers engaged.

Do you have any tips for increasing blog traffic? 

Do check out my other Blog Clinic posts for more help and inspiration! 

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Katy is a wife, mum of three and professional blogger. Her blog, What Katy Said, aims to inspire other mums to get organised and make the best out of every day.


  1. Absolutely wonderful tips! I’m doing many of these already but I’m well aware that I need to use Pinterest more (lots of big American bloggers swear by Pinterest for massively boosting their stats!) and also that I need to make more time for reading more blog posts! Thanks for the reminder.


  2. Another good post from your blog clinic. I found it on someone’s RT on my twitter feed. It’s incredible to see how our reason(s) for blogging develops, isn’t it. Well done on your social media growth, I still way to go. And your blog design is lovely. Did you do it yourself?

  3. What a great post! Thank you for sharing these tips; it’s always great and very inspiring to hear how someone who had been blogging a similar amount of time to me has achieved so much. I have been blogging about a year but feel I could do so much more to get more readers and also be a bigger part of the wonderful blogging community. Feeling very inspired, thank you Katy, and well done on achieving so much in under a year! Amelia x

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment I am never sure how these posts will be taken- whether they will come across as bossy- so it is great to hear they are helpful! x

  4. great post and I will have to re read it this evening on my laptop! I don’t get Pinterest at all so will read a bit more about that! Amazing that you post 2-3 times a day! I think creating good content is really the key so I will try to focus a bit more on that once I’ve finished my yoga teacher training! X

  5. Wow, 2-3 times a day. That’s a lot. I work full time, and I’ve now got Rescue time on my home laptop, and my average time spent online per week is 36-40 hours a week. That’s on blogging, social media, promotion, reading other blogs etc. That doesn’t include the odds and sods I can catch up on at lunch breaks. And I only post once a day (occasionally twice). Either you’re seriously efficient or spend a hell of a lot of time on your blog!

    Congrats on getting where you’ve got to.

    The one thing that I’d add, is it’s not essential to be on all social media channels. You can be just as successful on 2 if you do them brilliantly rather than spreading out your time…unless you’re a full time blogger.

    1. Some of my posts are photo link up ones so don’t take too much time to put together. I guess I must be quite efficient then, although I spend 3-4 hours a night on it. I never know what is normal and what isn’t anymore! You are right about the social media aspect, I joined all to see which I preferred and mainly focus on Twitter and Facebook. I auto post to google plus and LinkedIn and Instagram where I can. x

      1. Definitely more efficient then! I need to close down everything else – other tabs open really don’t help, although I do have lots of photos, which take time to sort and edit as well.

  6. Hi Katy this is a great post and a really useful read, especially for me as a newbie! Some really helpful tips here. I hope that one day I can take my blog to the next level like you x

  7. I have definitely found that commenting and guest blogging is the best way to increase traffic. If you show interest in others work they will show interest in yours. Blogging is a circle of relationships. Excellent t

  8. This is a great post thank you – I started my blog a little over a month ago and my twitter account just under a week!! So this is all very new to me 🙂 and I am loving the experience but could do with some help to point me in the right direction – posts like these are really helpful x

  9. Thank you very much for these tips. I have just started my blog http://www.thesingleswan.com. To be honest I am mainly doing it because I enjoy writing and feel that I have something so say about being a single mother. It is also therapy for me at the moment. Your post is really helpful about attracting readers though so thank you.

    1. Blogs that are from the heart are fab and attract readers anyway, just remmeber to keep true to your voice and not focus on the stats too much in the beginning xx

  10. Blogging is so much fun, and I’m a recent Twitter convert…my stats definitely soar after.a bit of a tweet session (I’m probably on there three hours a day haha!)

    I also recommend reading blogging ebooks….I could heartily suggest Blogging Insights from the Size15Stylist 🙂 I had as much fun with ebook design as I did over my blog design, but the Amazon team were.very helpful!

    Love your advice for new and experienced bloggers, thanks.

  11. Such great tips, Katy. I’m going to read your post about Pinterest now becasue I know I don’t use it enough, and if it helps to promote my blog posts than let’s do it! Xx

  12. Great post, thank you for the tips! I’ve been blogging to help others for a few months and absolutely love it, your right about it being time consuming! I didn’t realise how much work it is, but it’s fun 🙂

    1. Oh we have CMPA here, it is terrible isn’t it? We are 4 rungs up the milk ladder 🙂 Will have to pop over to see some of your posts xx

      1. yes do! Hopefully you’ll find some useful recipes 🙂 we’ve not been able to start the milk ladder yet, still reacting to some ‘may contains’ and seem to be adding more allergies to the list! Hope you pass the ladder !! Thanks again for the blogging tips 🙂

  13. Thank you for sharing your tips with us! These are all helpful and easy to implement, which is essential! I’m new but it would be great if you could visit my blog and read my latest post about being brutally honest, which links to one of your points above about good manners! x

  14. Fab advice, Google + is the Big Daddy when it comes to SEO and I find twitter and pinterest drive a lot of my traffic, primarily twitter. I love Google Analytics too, they really break down who is reading your blog, from where, the complete demographic. Vx

  15. This is fab information and so clearly put thank you. Maybe between us all we can work out how to use Google+! I’m still not absolutely sure what a Linky is though:0

  16. That’s a brilliant post, Katy! I can’t believe that you’ve only been blogging 11 months and already managed to make it your career. That’s amazing. You really know what you’re doing. Thanks so much for sharing all those tips. I have no idea about SEO. I don’t even know what the acronym stands for. I think it scares me a little. I have to look into it at some point.

  17. Thanks so much for these tips! They’ve been so helpful! I’ve been having trouble building my blog & vlog channel and have just adapted as many tips as I can from this blog post 🙂 Thanks! Please check out my blog & vlog too!

  18. Some great advice, thank you for sharing. I also went from not knowing what hashtags and retweets were to loving Twitter but am less enthusiastic about Facebook so thank you for the FB blog post recommendation too as that was also very useful.

  19. Hi Katy,

    These are all great tips, I am so super new to this – but it feels like I have been at it forever. I have actually been writing content for 3 years or so, but have only just started going live with it in the past couple of weeks! It feels totally liberating to actually have my writing out there now, but I guess its a bit of an anti climax as its a struggle to get people to see it! I am doing all the things you suggest, and I know that time will tell – but c’mon! I just want people to engage with my facebook!

    Anyway – just saying, great blog, great tips and well done you



    1. It took a good few months to finally get noticed, just comment on as many blogs as you can and join in linkys they are a great way to get noticed. FB is a tough one, if you have the cash then try boosting a post xx

  20. This is very interesting, I will certainly take some of these with me! I’ll admit being a teenager with many of my school friends following me on Twitter, I’ve yet to find a balance of my social life with my blog life without wanting the extra hassle of creating separate accounts. x

  21. This is such a great article Katy, and packed full of real nuggets of wisdom. I really like your first point about finding your voice, and I think that this is so important to stand out from the crowd… yet so difficult in the beginning.

  22. This is brill! I write a mummy blog on my business website. I write & illustrate personalised children’s books so blogging about my experience as a first time mummy made sense because most of my customers are parents. I love blogging and have been looking into ways to focus more on this area of my business (hobby!) so this article has really helped me to get clear on what I need to do so thank you xx

  23. Thank you for sharing. Very interesting and useful to know! I haven’t tried all the social platforms and I have dipped a toe here and there but still unsure. I guess time will tell and I should be able to get a hang of things. I’m glad I found you on my Twitter feed!

  24. I have read a lot of how-to-boost-your-blog-traffic articles many times over, but reading your version is why it feels like I’m introduced to a new idea. I enjoy reading your posts and I’m looking forward to reading more.

  25. Thank you for this post! You almost make it sound too easy but it’s very inspirational! The thing you say about finding your own voice is very true and it all comes down to time and devotion as well, aka being organized 🙂 – You have a new follower here 😉

  26. Hello Katy !
    Let me introduce myself, I’m Emila a 21 years old french student in the field of communication specializing in a young audience.
    I just started a blog about cultural mediation and education through entertainment and your post is very useful for people like me !
    Indeed, the start is difficult, I posted my first article about the benefits of arts for children and it didn’t have such a great success although I worked hard on it !
    Thank’s for your help x

  27. I’ve just come across this blog, started blogging this year and this has been really useful. Need to spend some time really thinking about what I’m writing and who it’s for, but in general just want to blog about family life. thanks for the advice!

  28. Hi Katy, I hope you don’t mind I have mentioned this article and put a link to it on my blog. I am just starting out blogging and found your tips really helpful.
    Thanks so much, Sam X

  29. Great post full of fab tips 🙂 I really wish I had more time to dedicate to my blog.
    I am starting to get better at scheduling tweets which is good, but I don’t do anywhere near enough commenting or spend enough time on social media.

  30. This is a really helpful post for those of us just starting out. I’m dedicating more time to it over the summer hols and hopefully I’ll be able to build on it afterwards!
    Thank you for the tips!

  31. Fabulous post, thank you so much Katy. I started blogging properly a couple of months ago now and have really caught the bug! I absolutely love it and have developed a real thirst for blogging knowledge, so your post has really captured my attention! Would it be okay if I joined in your HappyDays Linky this weekend? I am feeling inspired now xxx

  32. I’m new to blogging and this is full of some great tips I’ll be sure to take on board. It all seems very daunting at the moment but I’m taking baby steps working my way through it. Think your blog will be an ongoing reference for me, thanks!

  33. I love you blog. I’ve been blogging just over a month and have just gone self hosted. I’ve learnt so much already and have lots more to learn. I really enjoying blogging and how much it has done for my confidence whilst giving me an outlet.

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