Since I started blogging I have come across various challenges, from html coding confusion to the risk of losing everything I have worked for!

I want to help you fix your problems by showing you the ways I have solved issues I have faced. I want everyone to have a smooth running blog and have stress free blogging days! I will also share anything else blogging related so you can see what the life of a blogger is like!

Behind the scenes

Which is better? WordPress or Blogger?

The Best Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

How to back up your blog

How to avoid a brute force attack

Understanding follow and nofollow links

How to Write a Killer Blog Post

How to make an amazing About Me widget (Guest post over at Extraordinary Chaos)

10 Tips from a Pro Photographer


Why Pinterest is my biggest source of traffic 

How to drive traffic using Pinterest

How to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Blog Events

MAD Blog awards

Faking it at Blogfest

Inspiration From Blogcamp

First time at BlogOn Win

BlogStock 2015

Working With Brands

So you want to work with brands?


Life as a blogger

When you have nothing to write

Loving blogging and being totally free

Becoming a serious blogger

Is there anything you are having troubles with or would like to know about? I would love to help! 

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  1. Hi Katy. Just tweeted because in dire need of some help with Google +. Should I have an individual or company page? Have You Tube, Blogger & Google + accounts, but none of them seem to link together. Should they? How best to get most from Google + and Blogger if have own url blog. Any ideas? Or seen any “how to get head around Google +” posts? x

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      Searched everywhere but can’t find your tweet! Had 99 notifications when I got home from work so it is probably there somewhere! I have an individual page as I just couldn’t get on with the company one. That should then tie everything together, I am sure somewhere in the side panel in blogger there is a way of adding a google account so they link?? I am not the best person to ask about Google + as it is just a mystery to me, apparently you should treat it like Facebook and post there and g+ other people’s content as you would ‘like’ on FB. Sorry I can’t help more! xx

      1. Thank you Katy. V helpful. Good to know I’m not only one who can’t get head round Google +, but based on your advice, I’ve stuck with a personal page and posting the odd thing, when I remember! x

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  2. I love to learn and posts like this really pushes my ground.
    Thank you Katy for gathering this for us.

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  3. I’m so glad I came across this as I’m not really clued up on any of the topics you mentioned….now if only I could find a post about how to make more TIME to figure it all out!! Thanks, Amy x

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  4. Hello again Katy,

    I have some questions that if possible I would like just a quick answer from you: How much should we pay for a hosting account, Which one it’s better; and if we are just starting should we keep the free account or should we advance with the paid one?


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      Hi Marta, no problem at all. Ok so I got my hosting on sale with Godaddy for about £12 for the year but on average it will be £30 ish. I am on the managed self hosting with GoDaddy which means they look after it a bit more than being fully self hosted. Just means if something goes wrong they will help me.

      If you are just starting I would stick with a free account for now but maybe buy the url if you think someone may take it. If you don’t carry on with blogging (not to put a dampner but many stop after the first 3 months) then you havent lost much money (urls cost about a fiver) but if you carry on you will be ready to take it further with a custom url and a host package. x

  5. Love this, so, so helpful for a complete newbie like me! I would love some advice in the top 5 no, nos, the cardinal sins of blogging as I’ve got no idea! I’m sure there are many unwritten rules that I’m just not aware of.

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      I would say the best advice I got was to remember your blog is not your best friend, so save your moaning etc for somewhere private. or, if you do want to write every single thing down just try and make it positive and inspiring. Nobody wants to read moaning posts all the time. Positivity will always win. x

  6. What a great post! I want to thank you for putting this together. I’m just starting out with my blog. I started with blogger and switched to wordpress in couple of months I find it so much easier and nicer! This pos has given me lots to think about and ideas, hackers never even occurred to me so thank you and I’ll be coming back for more 🙂

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      Hi Catie! I just had a look and can’t see the popular posts widget you mean. Do you mean the one ‘id love if you had a look at…’ type widget? If so then I am not really sure. When I was on blogger it was nRelate which was so much better but they don’t do it now. x

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  8. Hi Katy, Just wanted to say, thank you so much for this fantastic resource! It is so useful. I have learnt loads and taken loads of notes. Now I just have to find the time to put all of your advice into practice…Don’t suppose you have any advice for creating extra time do you?!?

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