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Weaning With The Allergy-Free Baby and Toddler Cookbook

As you know, we have been weaning Wills over the last couple of months and he has been an absolute star! He has taken to those very first tastes so so well and as far as his allergies are concerned it hasn’t caused me any headaches. It is simple when all you have to do is feed them fruit and veg isn’t it? The time is coming now though that he is joining in with our meal times, having his own little pile of food on his tray and this is when the difficulties come.

I was chatting to Ellie from Food Allergy Mums about 6 months ago, about the fact that I was dairy & soya free while breastfeeding Wills, and so when it came to weaning him they asked me if I would like to take a look at their The Allergy-Free Baby and Toddler Cookbook. Well, for a mum of a child with allergies you do not turn down such an offer I can tell you!

Fiona & Ellie both have children with allergies and so together have written this (and The Allergy-Free Family Cookbook) to help others like me who need a little direction. Even though I have been through it all before I still draw a blank when it comes to feeding him and the more he starts to eat the more complex meals can become.

At the moment we are still on fairly basic meals but I am moving away from the purees and giving him foods he can feed himself. His absolute favourite are sweet potato wedges – something I would never have thought to make. Sweet potato is lovely and squidgy, perfect for his little gums to suck on!

As his hand-mouth coordination improves I will give him slightly messier foods. Although the other day I did give him some mashed potato with blitzed up mince (basically shepherds pie) and he absolutely loved swiping it around his tray! Such a mess but so much fun!

The cookbook moves you on to mini meals like chicken stir-fry and then it also has a section for desserts. This is something I really struggled with when weaning Lils and I ended up sticking to fruit. Flicking through the section I can tell you Wills is in for a right treat – with panna cotta, sorbets & flapjacks on the menu!

The thing I really like about the book, besides the great recipes, is the fact that it gives you meal planning templates at the back. I am forever getting stuck in a food rut and can see myself doing it to him if I am not careful – this is so handy and will mean he gets to try a variety of meals.

If you have a baby with allergies and are starting to think about weaning, then The Allergy-Free Baby and Toddler Cookbook is so great, it takes you from the early stages right through to toddlerhood and beyond!

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