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Waitrose Cookery School with Ella’s Kitchen Little Foodies

Wills is 7 months old now, I actually can’t believe that! He is sitting up, trying to crawl and well into his weaning journey. He has moved from very smooth purees to more textured foods, being able to feed himself and loving every minute!

We have been using Ella’s Kitchen pouches alongside making our own recipes but I’ll be honest, I am not great at thinking of healthy recipes and tend to use the pouches more often than not. So, when Ella’s Kitchen got in touch to see if I would like to come along to the Waitrose Cookery School, I couldn’t say no!

The school is amazing, honestly if you love cooking then you really should take a look at going down there. The chefs are so lovely and make you feel at ease, taking you through everything step by step. You each get your own workspace and the best bit – no washing up! Put it all on a trolley and it appears a little while later clean and ready to use again! I need a magic trolley in my house!

Ella’s Kitchen have teamed up with Waitrose for the Little Foodies campaign, which aims to inspire parents to prepare, cook and explore healthy food for their little ones. All of the recipes have been designed to be quick and easy and packed with goodness – that is what you want as a parent isn’t it?

The first being Roasty Red Pesto Chicken – so tasty, I ate it for lunch!

Everything was chopped up nice and small so it cooked in under 30 minutes, ready to eat as is or blitz up for a baby still at the puree stage. Either way it is tasty and actually the pureed version would be perfect as a sandwich filling or mixed into pasta!

The great thing about these recipes is they don’t have any added sugar or salt but are still packed full of flavour. That is what Ella’s Kitchen believe and want us parents to understand, that they always put children first and want to share their knowledge of healthy cooking with everyone.

The next recipe was Pop Out Mini Tortilla Muffins – so quick and easy! It got us all thinking about fussy eaters and how we can get fruit and veg into them. These are great and are also easy for kids to make themselves – encouraging them to eat their own makes!

An interesting fact I learned was that the reason 2 year olds become fussy about fruit and veg is due to an inbuilt protective mechanism – helping prevent accidental ingestion of poisonous berries in the wild. Fascinating! But, in the same way as you will offer a weaning baby a new food 10 times, doing the same with a fussy toddler will help overcome that fussy barrier.

The final recipe was a tasty dessert, Mixed Berry Pudding Pots. Both of my girls love eating fruit and I am keen to get Wills to enjoy them just as much. The thing is I am rubbish at remembering to give him puddings so need easy ideas like this to make it a bit more exciting for him.

All of the recipes are perfect for the girls too – they would just eat them as they are. That way I don’t need to make more than one meal as we can all enjoy everything and I know it is all nutritious and healthy for Wills too. It also means he is seeing us eating a variety of foods which will mean he is more likely to try new things.

I love that Ella’s Kitchen are interested in the well-being of children, listening to parents and nutritionists to create delicious pouches but also recipe books that help parents like me to make meals from scratch too. By partnering up with Waitrose hopefully they will inspire more parents to cook healthy meals for their little ones too.

Here is a little video of my time in the Waitrose Cookery School…

What are your favourite recipes to make for your little one?

This post was written in collaboration with Ella’s Kitchen. 

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