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Unique girl gifts & cool boy gifts from Wicked Uncle

Inside: Why you should use Wicked Uncle for all of your gift buying. With unique girl gifts and cool boy gifts, they have everything you need. Sponsored post.

When it comes to gift buying, I never seem to know what to get that will be age appropriate. That goes for my own children as they get older as well as other people’s children if they aren’t the same age as my own. I always find myself typing ‘gift ideas for X year old girls’ into Google to see if inspiration strikes for the perfect gift. One site always pops up in my search and it never lets me down.

Wicked Uncle source fun, unusual and different presents for children of all ages, taking the guesswork away so that we can find the ideal gift to suit the occasion. They will even wrap the gift so you can send it directly – so easy!

I have bought so many unique gifts from Wicked Uncle over the years, for my own kids and as gifts for their friends. There are just so many great things to choose from and it just saves me so much time having everything laid out according to my needs.

Who are Wicked Uncle?

Wicked Uncle is an award winning gifting website run by a small team in the UK (they also have a US based site if you are reading this from the states). They source gifts that they think will be fun, interesting and unusual – completely different to what you would find elsewhere.

They build and test each gift before adding it to their site to make sure the quality matches up to their standards.

How does the site work?

The site is really well laid out, with the option to filter the results according to interest and/or age. They have gifts for one year olds all the way up to teenage girls and boys of 14 (although they also have a section for 15-105 year olds too!).

Gifts can also be sorted by gender but not because those gifts are specifically for one gender or the other – lots will fall into both categories. It is purely just an optional way for people to filter their search if they want to. Some will only appear in girls and some only in boys, purely based on buying habits from previous purchases.

Once you have set your filters you are met with great gift ideas to suit your needs. You can then sort those according to price too, which is useful if you are sticking to a budget.

They even have their own blog to help with more inspiration, should you need it.

Unique gift ideas

The thing I like about Wicked Uncle is that it doesn’t just sell toys. While toys are great (and they have plenty of those too), sometimes it is great to be given the option of buying useful gifts or something more educational.

Here are some of my favourites that caught my eye when looking for my 10-year-old girl. I didn’t sort the gifts according to gender as she has a wide range of interests that would sit across both categories.

jellyfish nigh light

A twist on a night light – the jellyfish colour changing mood light. Perfect for a tween room!

panda bath bomb set

Bath bombs make a great gift idea and this panda bath bomb set is super cute & made with pure essential oils – perfect for a young lady.

marvins magic card tricks

Instead of buying them card games, why not get them some card tricks to learn from Marvin’s Magic?

diy kit cyborg hand

Are they into tech gadgets? This Cyborg Hand DIY kit is absolutely awesome and will keep them busy for hours!

There are so many awesome gifts to choose from – the possibilities are endless!

Here are some of my favourites for my 8-year-old girl. This time I looked in the girl gift section as she falls heavily into the stereotype.

makeup and hair fun kit

If they have started showing an interest in beauty products, the Style Lab has everything they need to have fun doing their nails, hair and makeup.

learn cats cradle kit

Did you used to play Cat’s Cradle when you were at school? Such a great game for the school playground and a great gift for an 8 year old.

disco light for home

Do they love to have a disco at home? This disco light will turn any space into their very own dance floor!

secret diary with padlock

We all need somewhere safe to write down our thoughts, don’t we? This is a gorgeous secret diary, complete with stickers, pens and a padlock.

So much fun to be had choosing the perfect gift!

Here are my favourites from looking for my 5-year-old boy. I looked in the boy section for him as he is all about cars, balls and action figures.

solar system puzzle

My son loves puzzles and I love anything that makes learning fun. This solar system puzzle looks right up his street!

colour own top for kids

How cool to be able to colour in their own top! Developing fine motor skills by colouring carefully in the lines too!

kids periscope in the woods

Do they love being outdoors? A periscope is such a fun piece of equipment to have – allowing them to spy on animals or in a game of hide and seek!

a marble run for the side of the bath

Want to make bath time more fun? This marble run sticks to the tiles above the bath so they can have endless fun whooshing water down the slides!

There is so much to choose from and with such unusual gifts you might find yourself choosing something that you might never have thought of searching for before.

Whether you are looking for your own children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or friends of the family, Wicked Uncle really does have the best gift ideas to suit everyone.

Take a look at their website to find the perfect present for the next special occasion coming up.

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