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Tuesday Ten: Get organised and stay in control

So many people decide that the new year is the time to get themselves organised and in control of their lives. But how do you actually go about it? Tidy the house, start a new diary and hope for the best? You can have all the good intentions but without forming true habits, those plans will soon fall to the wayside.

Today I want to share ten ways to ensure you stay in control of your life and keep your home organised.

Keep a to-do list

I actually use bullet journalling to keep my lists all in the one place. At the start of the week I write out a master list with absolutely everything that needs completing (short term and long term). Writing it all down empties your mind and helps you stay stress-free.

Write a daily must-do list

Using my master list, I write daily must-do lists. This is a list of 3 items that absolutely must be done that day. By keeping it to 3 things, it is less overwhelming and you are more likely to get the jobs done.

I have written more about it here if you want to have a read.

Do one thing at a time

Everyone says how women are the masters of multi-tasking but honestly it stresses me out and I end up getting not much done at all. By choosing to focus on one thing at a time you do each task to a good standard and more importantly, finish it!

Shine your sink

It sounds too simple to be true but that basic task gives you a sense of achievement and motivates you to do more. Same goes for making your bed each morning – it sets you up for a successful day.

The ‘one touch’ rule

How often do you pick something up and move it around the house rather than actually putting it away? I am still working on this one as I am known for making piles at the bottom of the stairs, but really it is just making two jobs out of one, isn’t it? The ‘one touch’ rule says that once you pick it up you must put it away straight away.

Everything in its place

If you have things around the home that don’t actually have a place then you will find them strewn around the house more often than not. Now in the past I have bought more storage to make a home but that just fuels the excess possessions problem. I now ask myself whether there is a place for it and if there isn’t, I either swap something out to make room or get rid of it. Lack of space isn’t the problem, it is the amount of stuff we own.

Once everything has a place, tidying up is so much easier!

Daily routines

I have set routines to keep me on track. Each morning I get up, make the bed and get started with my morning routine. One of the most important tasks for me is putting on a load of washing. By getting it done first thing, every single day, I am able to keep on top of it and see the bottom of my wash basket regularly!

If you’d like to use my routines, I have a control journal with everything listed out. Get yours here!

Set timers

Job seem to big? Overwhelmed with a job that needs tackling? I swear by timers as they help to manage your time and motivate you to get up off the sofa! I set my timer for 15 minutes and see how much I can get done. More often than not I end up deciding the job isn’t so bad and setting the timer again.

The idea of the job is often worse than the job itself!

Keep a family calendar

If you find yourself wondering what kit is needed for which day, what time you need to go pick up your child from a club and whether you have any dentist appointments due, you need a family calendar/planner.

Each member of the family has their own column and each event can be put in against their name so you know exactly what needs doing and when!

Work as a team

For me this is the most important way to stay on top of everything. It is not up to one person to keep the house running smoothly – it is a team effort. Even toddlers can get involved in tidying away their toys and putting their clothes in the wash basket. Older children are capable of putting dishes in the dishwasher and making their own beds.

If you don’t currently have a willing team then make one small change at a time. Drip feed in various habits for tasks that you find yourself doing on their behalf. After a while they will start putting their own plate away or bringing their dirty washing to the machine.

One thing we do at the end of every day is have a 10 minute tidy up to music. It just means everyone gets involved in putting the house straight ready for bed. Music makes everything better and it means you have a bit of quality time together while you boogie the mess away.

What tips do you have for staying in control and organised? Share them in the comments below.

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