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Survive Blue Monday and beat the January Blues

Inside: 5 ways to survive Blue Monday and beat the January Blues

Did you know January 15th is Blue Monday this year?

It was actually a day dreamt up for a marketing campaign a few years ago but it has caught on and people have latched onto the name.

I have to say, this time of year is really dreary and depressing. When I am standing at the school gates in the pouring rain, the wind smacking me in the face, I definitely don’t feel happy!

Mix it in with debt from Christmas, bursting jeans… also from Christmas and the fact we are all back to our normal humdrum routines, all leads to a lack of happy hormones.

But until that spring sunshine starts to appear, we are stuck with this miserable weather and the misery that it brings us, aren’t we?

Or are we?

Well, we can’t do anything about the weather (unless we go abroad) but we can do something about our moods.

5 ways to survive Blue Monday and beat the January Blues

Light – I cannot recommend light therapy enough! I have been using a Lumie light alarm for years now and it definitely makes me feel brighter. So if you can’t get away for a winter holiday, make sure you get outside as much as you can and get yourself a light therapy lamp!

Exercise – We have all heard that it helps, but I have to say that until I actually get off my bum I never truly believe it. But it does work. It really does. Plus, as well as giving you a boost, it obviously helps you fight the mince pie bulge (I definitely need that!). So whether you join a gym, start running or do a bit of keep-fit in your living room, get off your bum and get moving!

Smile – Did you know that smiling reduces stress? Even fake smiles trick the brain apparently! The more you smile, the more you retrain your brain to think positively. So do it right now, smile! It is also catching, so spread the happy and smile at as many people as you can tomorrow!

Be grateful – Sometimes we can get into a real slump, thinking we are worse off than we truly are. I keep a gratitude journal and it helps me to focus my mind and be grateful for what I have in my life. The more grateful I feel, the happier I get. So get yourself a planner or a notepad and spend 5 minutes at the end of each day writing down 3 things you are grateful for. Let me know how you get on!

Be Kind – Do you ever get a boost of feel-good hormones if you let someone out at a junction or hold a door open for someone? Yep, me too. The more altruistic you can be, the better you will feel about yourself (although don’t just do it for the good you will see in return or it defeats the purpose). So, see what good deeds you can do, whether small like holding open a door or big like doing something for charity – every little helps!

So there are 5 ways to feel better for this year’s Blue Monday and beyond. Practicing all of these methods will keep you feeling good throughout the year though so no need to limit it to January alone.

Don’t forget to sign up for my 2018 Happiness Challenge – monthly themes to get you feeling the best about yourself.

How are you feeling right now? Which tip are you going to try out first?

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