Stoves SEB602MFC built-in electric single oven - What Katy Said

Testing out the Stoves built-in electric oven with Sprite cupcakes

Picture the scene…

I’ve just got back from dance club, the kids have been whining that they are hungry and I haven’t got anything prepared (standard Tuesday afternoon in our house if I’m being honest). It’s fine though, I pop a pizza in the oven and tell them all to get themselves changed and the food will be ready in a sec.

As I am tidying away the toys, the odd socks and the tiny pieces of paper from Lil’s latest masterpiece (she’s decided snowflakes are her absolute favourite thing to make), I smell burning. And not a good burning…

The oven is combusting!!

Like full-on electrical buzzing and the most awful smoking. Not good.

Hungry kids and my oven decides that it has had enough and packs up. Leaving the most horrendous electrical whiff behind it!


All I can say is thank goodness for takeaway and online companies!

We have always bought our electricals from AO, replacing our dishwasher and washing machine a couple of months ago (they say things happen in 3’s don’t they?) so it made sense to go to them for our oven too. Luckily for us, they were looking for a review of an inbuilt oven, so even though I hadn’t heard of the brand I couldn’t turn them down!

The Stoves SEB602MFC is a built-in electric single oven and is very swish looking indeed. Our old oven had buttons and knobs and the children were constantly fiddling with them. This has a touch control which means they leave well alone, plus it makes wiping down the front a breeze!

It is a multifunction oven, with a top oven option, top and bottom, fan oven and even a fan grill. Plenty of options for all of your cooking needs. I need to explore these in more detail really as I tend to stick to a fan oven for everything!

My favourite feature has to be the fact that it turns itself off after the timer goes off. I mean seriously, how often do you forget how long something has been in there and end up burning your dinner? This puts a stop to that!

So how well does it perform?

We’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I really love it. It is easy to use, easy to clean and everything comes out perfectly cooked.

We thought we would put it to the test by making some delicious Sprite cupcakes…

If you have anyone in the family with dairy/soya/egg allergies but haven’t made a Sprite cake before then you really need to give it a go. Head over to my friend Sian’s blog to see the Sprite cake magic!

Such a simple recipe but one that always goes down a treat with my little allergy sufferer!

They came out beautifully and I have to say, I have made them about a bazillion times and they have never risen in such a rounded uniform way – the Intensive Bake Function (which circulates air evenly) must have done the trick!!

If you are on the look out for a new oven then give Stoves a try – I love everything about my new oven so wholly recommend it! And of course with AO, you know you’ll get fantastic deals and excellent customer service – we will choose them each and every time!

We were sent this product in return for our honest review. As always, all words and thoughts are my own. 


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