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Starting our family cycling adventure with Urban iki

I was never really a cycling fan as a child. I think it is due to the fact I didn’t grow up in a very active family. We didn’t go out and cycle as a family, we didn’t take bikes away with us on holiday. It was just a case of, here’s a bike now let’s bury it in the shed and never look at it again…

Do you know when I discovered a love of cycling? When I was 26 and on my hen-do at Center Parcs. I discovered the freedom you feel as you whizz along with the wind in your hair, the fun of cycling as a group and the adventures you can have together.

Now, I could tell you I have been a keen cyclist ever since but that would be a lie. I’ve spent the last 7 years either pregnant or looking after a newborn baby and cycling hasn’t been up there as a priority.

But, we went away to Center Parcs earlier this year and I decided that this would be the year to finally get us all out together. Gracie is able to ride a bike independently now and so we just needed to find a solution for the other two.

I did look at a trailer but I am not the strongest of cyclists as it is, without lugging one of those behind me!

So we decided that seats mounted on our bikes would be the way forward. Wills on the front and Lils on the back. That way, I could potentially have them both on the one bike at the same time too and we could cycle back and forth from school (although as I type that I am sniggering to myself as I know I am far too lazy for that!).

Our seats are from Urban iki and they are fab! They are very modern looking, designed in the Netherlands, with technology from Japan they are really sleek and lightweight.

I love everything about the seats actually, from the ease of fitting to the safety clips. Everything has been thought through to the very last detail.

We actually made use of their design your own feature, which allows you to choose the colour seat and accessories to suit your family. I decided to go for the mint blue seat for Lils, with black accessories and then the opposite for Wills – you know me, love a matchy non-matchy.

The seats themselves are ergonomically designed and the shoulder pads are sturdy and keep the straps securely on their shoulders.

Now that we have the seats it means we can go out as a family and enjoy the beautiful countryside on our doorstep. And next on the list is a bike rack for our car so we can take them away with us.

We are off camping in the summer and I have romantic visions of us cycling every day and finding picturesque spots for picnic lunches! I want to be an active family, one that cycles together and creates amazing memories of the adventures we have. The children love it and I want to nurture that spirit as much as possible!

Do you love cycling? If you are on the look out for some seats so that you can get out and about as a family then take a look on the Urban iki website to see what they have on offer.

We were gifted these seats in return for this feature. All words and thoughts are my own. 

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