Space- Saving Kitchen Tools You'll Love!

Space – Saving Kitchen Tools You’ll Love

Whether you are living in a tiny London flat or a spacious converted farm house in Cornwall, there never seems to be enough space on the kitchen counter for all of the gadgets, tools and machines that are marketed at the modern home cook. Here is a list of our favourite space saving kitchen tools that are guaranteed to save you room in your home – and help you create delicious meals for you and your family.

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Bin 8 All-in-One kitchen tool set – for home cooks who are truly short on space, this all in one kitchen tool set is a dream come true. Tucked inside a multi use bottle is nearly every accessory that an aspiring chef could need or want: a funnel; lemon juicer; spice grater; egg masher; cheese grate; egg separator; a 1 ¼ cup measuring cup and a lid grip for loosening tight jars. This wine bottle of tools is a multi functional space savers dream!

Tassimo espresso coffee maker – Any of the all-in-one Tassimo Espresso Coffee Makers can save you loads of space, as it removes the need for a bean grinder, paper filter storage and large bag or jar of coffee beans. Espresso is packed into wee pods and inserted into the machine – a perfect cup of coffee does not have to cost you all of your counter space when you use a Tassimo Espresso Coffee Maker.

Nesting bowls… and moreNesting mixing bowls, measuring cups, kitchen utensils and baking trays are all smart ideas in order to save space – rather than each individual item taking up space, when they snugly fit inside one another it can save you oodles of kitchen cupboard and counter top space.

Fold-flat box grater – A box grater makes shredding cheese, vegetables and spices a cinch, but the rectangular shape can take up a lot of space in your kitchen. Goodwin Hartshorn makes a box grater that can be folded flat, meaning that it can be stored in a drawer or laid down smoothly, saving loads of space in the kitchen.

Collapsible colander – A colander is an indispensible chef’s tool, used to drain pasta, strain canned goods and dry salad greens. That said, their sturdy bowl shape is often a huge waste of space in the cupboard. A collapsible colander is a perfect way to save a few feet of valuable kitchen real estate while keeping this important tool on hand.

Over the sink cutting board – If you are lacking counter space, an over the sink cutting board can be a dream come true, transforming formerly useless air into a surface for chopping, dicing and prepping delicious meals in a small area. Affixed firmly to both sides of the sink, these cutting boards add valuable surface space to your tiny kitchen.

No matter how much kitchen space you have – or don’t have – it is still possible to make the most out of your square footage and create amazing meals and snacks and even host friends and families for dinner parties no one will ever forget.

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