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Encouraging a love of music with Soundbub

Inside: A review of the Soundbub portable Bluetooth speaker

As soon as music starts to play, you’ll find Wills wiggling his bottom to the beat. He has always loved to dance, I think it is because we have had the radio playing every day since the day he was born.

We also have regular living room discos, swinging him around and around until he is beside himself laughing!

When the lovely people at WavHello got in touch about the Soundbub I knew immediately that it would be a hit! Anything that means he can have a boogie is always a winner!

Meet Ollie the Owl! The portable Bluetooth speaker and white noise maker. There is also Bella the Bunny and Benji the Bear to choose from, so you can choose a favourite character for your little one.

The device is made from chew-safe materials and comes with a chunky handle for toddlers to take it around wherever they go! The handle also doubles as a buggy clip, so handy!

Ollie can be paired by Bluetooth to your phone or tablet, which then allows you to play music or use the voiceshare® Mobile App to do so much more!

The app is great as it allows you to record messages, stories or songs, which can then be played through the speaker whenever you like.

I love the fact that it allows you to record messages from loved ones  – perfect if you don’t live near family but want them to bond with your child.

If you press the speaker button it pauses the sounds – something that Wills loves doing!

If you don’t want to stimulate them too much, you can turn Bluetooth off and slide it over to white noise. You can also set a timer to 30, 60, 90 mins so that it turns off after the given time.

Wills loves his Ollie Owl Soundbub and whether he is boogying along to Justin Beiber or listening to my retelling of Goldilocks, he hasn’t put it down since it arrived!


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