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When you realise you’ve eaten all the pies…

Do you ever catch a glimpse of yourself as you walk down the frozen aisle in the supermarket? Well I get my shopping delivered so I have totally missed that reflection bombshell! My goodness me I have definitely eaten all the pies in this house!

Having children has given me more body confidence than I ever had as a teen. I have learned that my body is amazing, housing little humans and giving them everything they need. It can survive on little sleep and gets me from A to B. It is a body to cherish and I no longer look at myself and feel repulsed by the woman looking back at me.

But still, when you catch a glimpse of your bingo wings it is hardly something to smile at. My body is amazing, yes, but it should also be treated like a temple and I don’t believe temples need filling to the brim with pots of Pringles!

God I love Pringles…

That’s the problem really, I love food! I love all of the food. I grew up in an environment where diets were the norm. Diet upon diet, nothing ever doing the job. I definitely don’t want to be like that, I don’t want my children to see me depriving myself or gorging on junk. So I need to try and stop with the overeating but in a way that still allows me to enjoy a treat when I want it.

Thing is, I’m a cheapskate. I refuse to pay a fiver to sit in a group and hear about Barbs and her bad night of eating 27 cocktail sausages. I need something that keeps me on track and inspires me to keep going. Any ideas? 

I also need to stop being so lazy! My god I am lazy. I have started walking to school a bit more but it isn’t enough, I need to do more but time is an issue here. When do people fit it in? 

I want to catch sight of myself and think ‘oh I look nice today’. That is my goal, not sizes or numbers especially, although I reckon 2 stone would be about right. That or I just need to ride it out until autumn and then I’ll be so wrapped up in snuggle jumpers I won’t see the bingo wings haha!!

Wish me luck!

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    July 12, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    The easy bit is knowing what you need to do – eat less and move more. Obviously the hard bit is putting that into place but if I can do it anyone can! I don’t really ‘do’ diets. For starters if they worked, they wouldn’t exist! Those endless cycles of depriving yourself then gorging are so unhealthy (for the body and the mind!) I don’t know if you’ve thought about using something like My Fitness Pal but that’s what worked for me. I used the app on my phone and it really helped me to see how I was overeating and where I could make changes that I would keep for life. No food was ever forbidden, I just ate less of it. The exercise thing you just have to make time for. Little things like walking more but also carve out some proper time for real workouts whether that’s a class or a run or whatever. Good luck anyway! Slow and steady wins the race!

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      July 12, 2017 at 8:25 pm

      I have ordered myself a Fitbit as I think I do need to be accountable to something. Will look into my fitness pal too. Definitely can’t carry on as I am so am willing to try anything xx

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    July 20, 2017 at 12:29 pm

    I second My Fitness Pal – maybe start off by not making any changes to your diet but once logging absolutely everything you eat for a week. It helps you see where the problems are and where you can cut back a bit. For me the big issues are chocolate and portion sizes. I’m trying to tackle the portion thing and trying to train myself that I don’t need to be stuffed to the brim to feel satisfied. Chocolate I just have to go pretty much cold turkey for now because I have no self control! I’ve got a box of Cadburys Heroes in the cupboard from my birthday and I’m fine knowing they’re there but if I open the box they’ll be gone in two days!

    As for exercise – I’ve started doing yoga in the evenings after the kids are in bed. I know I don’t have the motivation to go out and exercise and although this isn’t high impact and burning loads of calories I can feel it making a difference already. I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene on YouTube if you fancy giving it a try. Good luck!

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