How To Help Prepare Siblings For A New Baby

Pregnancy: Preparing The Girls For Baby

I have written about preparing siblings before – I didn’t think I would be writing it again! We were really lucky last time as Little G took to being a big sister like a duck to water, she never once got jealous or misbehaved. The thing is though, she is laid back and very independent so she was quite happy getting on with things. No doubt she will take it all in her stride once again but LJ is a totally different kettle of fish.

LJ is still a baby. Well, actually she will be older than her sister was in this situation but she is just so babylike still. So far she has been absolutely fine, she kisses baby goodnight every bedtime and talks about baby nonstop. Her favourite thing to do is mention baby when I am eating .. ‘baby, eat’ she’ll say as I scoff on some cake. So I have no doubt that we will be excited for his arrival, it is the days and weeks afterwards that worry me.

There were two things I did last time that really helped G to adjust. The first was to never refer to baby as my baby. LJ was always G’s sister or her baby. That way she never got jealous as the baby was hers. The second thing that really helped was to get G a doll, that way she could mimic me and feel as though she was involved. We got her Baby Annabell as she was so lifelike with the various things she can do, she absolutely adored her!

We intend on doing the same this time around too. Baby will be their brother, their baby and hopefully it will help LJ to feel more at ease with the situation. She has also got a new doll to play with, Baby Annabell’s Brother. He is so cute with his little blue sleepsuit and works in exactly the same way as Annabell, crying, laughing and sucking on his dummy with real movements.

Feeding Baby Annabells Brother

We still have all of the accessories, a baby bouncer, a high chair etc.. Everything a baby needs and all the matching accessories that our little baby will have. LJ is a huge fan of dolls anyway so I am really hoping that having a little lifelike doll will keep her occupied in those moments when my attention is diverted.

We made a little video showing everything Baby Annabell’s Brother can do, it still amazes me the fact that the mouth moves in and out when he sucks is bottle or dummy!

If you are wanting to help prepare a soon-to-be sibling then I really recommend getting them a doll, a baby of their own. There is a whole range of Baby Annabell dolls to choose from and I really do think they are fab.

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