Parents & Co – Top 5 Tips for Potty Training

Potty training certainly isn’t one of the easiest challenges that parents face but with a few good helpful tips from those of us that have successfully conquered potty training to get toddlers out of nappies and into knickers, hopefully it will feel a little less daunting!

potty training tips

Here are my 5 Top Tips for Potty Training: 

– Encourage your toddler to sit on a potty, after meal times, make it fun and just for a few minutes.

– Buy a couple of potty’s one for upstairs and one for downstairs, its always in easy reach!

– Set aside a week when you can focus on starting potty training, this really helps.

– Involve your child in every step, take your little one shopping for a special trip to buy big girl or big boy pants! They love choosing their own pants & knickers! I would buy some cheap ones in the beginning as they may get through quite a few in the early days, and some you might need to throw away!

– Lastly children need encouragement and lots of praise!! Using wording like ‘good sitting’ helps and once you start to get results be animated with your praise, referring to what your child has achieved! Don’t get angry when accidents happen, they will happen its all part of the learning process for your child. If your child has an accident stay calm, clear up and say we just need to get to the potty a little quicker next time.

Do you have any top tips for training your child to use the potty or toilet?

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