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Osmo Pizza Co. & Osmo Detective Agency | Review

Inside: Review of the Osmo Pizza Co. and Detective Agency games | Press Samples.

We have been big fans of Osmo for a few years now – we previously worked with them on an Instagram campaign years ago for their Tangram and Coding Awbie games and several years later the kids still play with them regularly.

What is Osmo?

The idea behind Osmo is simple – take a game that would ordinarily be played on a screen and bring it to life for little hands to play with.

The magic that makes that happen is not simple – but thankfully we don’t have to worry about the technical side! Just download the app and start playing! Win!

Converting your device into an Osmo controller.

Each game comes with physical pieces that sit in front of your device. To be able to get those pieces to be recognised by the app you need to get the specific Osmo base & red reflector kit.

The device sits in the base and the red reflector slips over the top of your device camera lens. Now, when you move the physical pieces the device is able to convert them into a recognisable pattern for the app to work with.

I mean it boggles my mind but sure enough, they sync up and you are ready to play the games!

Which devices are compatible?

You can play any Osmo game on either an iPad or an Amazon Fire tablet. The only difference is that you will have to buy the correct base for your device.

Simply choose the correct one while adding your game to the basket on their website.

What games are available?

There is something for everyone, to cover all subjects and interest areas.

  • Coding Awbie
  • Coding Duo
  • Coding Jam
  • Detective Agency
  • Hot Wheels™ MindRacers
  • Masterpiece
  • Monster
  • Newton
  • Numbers
  • Pizza Co.
  • Super Studio Disney Frozen 2
  • Super Studio Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends
  • Super Studio Disney Princess
  • Disney•Pixar Incredibles 2
  • Tangram
  • Words

Trying some of the games…

Pizza Co.

This is a great game for anyone who loves to play shop. Here they get to run their own pizzeria, making the pizzas for the customers and building a reputable business to earn awards.

What do you get in the box?

With each game purchased there are physical parts to interact with. For Pizza Co. that is a round game mat which doubles as a pizza and money board, money and pizza toppings.

Aim of the game

Customers will come into your pizzeria and tell you what they would like on their pizza. It is your job to get the order right in order to make them happy. Happy customers = lots of smiles and lots of smiles = a crowded restaurant.

The orders won’t necessarily be simple each time though. They may ask you for 3 pepperonis and one mushroom, which will involve counting. But they may ask you for only green ingredients, which will then involve sorting.

Once they are happy with their pizza it is time to pay. They will give you an amount and you must give them the correct change to complete that transaction and earn a smile.

Overall thoughts

Although it is for ages 5 and up, all three of mine loved getting involved. My youngest 2 (age 3 and 6) work together to put the correct toppings on the pizza and then my eldest (age 8) does the money side of thing.

It is quite fast paced and the fact that they are working to get to a full restaurant keeps them determined to keep working hard at it.

A big thumbs up from them and a thumbs up from me as I love that it is teaching them various skills as they play.

Detective Agency

This is by far their favourite game of all the games we have and it is due to the story that is created each time they play. They truly believe they are detectives!

What’s in the box?

The box contains a little suitcase style box filled with various maps – these are the game boards. You also get a little magnifying glass which helps you to look for clues.

Aim of the game

People will come to the agency with a poster of a missing item or a wanted person. It is then your job to find them! You will be told which map you will need and then that becomes your game board.

The game will prompt you to use the magnifying glass to search for various clues that will get you closer to completing your mission.

Sometimes you will find an object but then discover that it is part of a bigger mystery – it will then be up to you to find all of the missing pieces to complete the mission.

Once you complete your mission you are given a reward in the form of a memento – a figure or a photo to remember the case by.

There is also Travel Mode to play, which is very similar to the main play but instead of searching for missing things as a detective agency, you play a big game of hide and seek.

Overall thoughts

My three are addicted to this game. The fact that they have to search for various clues helps to paint a picture and gets them believing they are on a mission to find the final target.

They love using the magnifying glass too – it really helps to get them involved in looking rather than generally waving a finger at the answer.

As usual, Osmo have come up with brilliant ways to get the kids actively involved in games. And that is what I love about them – no passive watching of a screen, mindlessly scrolling and tapping.

They are physically getting involved and are able to take turns and share in the joy of what the other is doing.

If you are looking for a way to help bring screen-play to life then I can definitely recommend Osmo as a whole and both Pizza Co. and Detective Agency as games. Find out more on

We were sent press samples of Pizza Co. and Detective Agency to review. All words and thoughts are my own.

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