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Organising My Mind For 2017

I’ve been sitting here on a rare night off (wasn’t meant to be a night off but I couldn’t face any more work!) pondering why exactly it is that I am feeling so stressed and bogged down by everything at the moment. I feel like I am drowning and I don’t even know how it has got to this stage.

I am a organisation freak by nature, I like to be in total control of everything and well let’s face it, parenting just doesn’t really let that happen does it? As much as I might want everything to fit nicely into designated boxes in my head, my brain is completely and utterly addled. Baby brain after 3 kids is a nightmare I can tell you!

Now, I am not one to admit defeat easily and as much as I’d quite happily go hide in a darkened room today, that is not a long term plan!! My favourite thing to do in these situations is to make a list- I love a good list!! By emptying out all of my thoughts into a list I feel less stressed and am able to focus my mind.

More focus = more organised. 

So what are my plans for 2017?

Blog tweaks

Blogging can cause a whole heap of stress, so if I can organise my workload then I’ll feel so much better! My blog is my business and if I feel as though my business is running successfully then I will be able to relax. I have a few changes I want to make, nothing too exciting I want to focus on me and my interests a little more and a little less on the children as I am sure they are sick of me shoving the camera in their faces!!

Get fit

I am so tired and as much as I could 100% blame the baby, possibly 10% is actually due to the fact that I am totally unfit. It has been almost 18 months since I have been on a run! How awful is that? I did grow a human though so I’ll let myself off! I’ve got myself a Fitbit and plan on being more accountable for my health (and stop eating mince pies!) as of January – watch this space!

Me time

I am spending far too much time sitting at the top of the stairs for a ‘time out‘ from mummy duties these days. I am exhausted. I have been trying my best to have more ‘me time’ and haven’t done too badly- I am reading more (could not live without my kindle now!) and make time to paint my nails and do my makeup every day. But, something I am still no good at is spending time on my own. My days revolve around the children until my head hits the pillow and I think I need maybe 1 day a month where I just take myself shopping to have some proper me time.


Mess stresses me out. A lot. When the girls have been on a whirlwind mission of destruction I could honestly scream. Having a baby who is particularly clingy right now means I never get chance to tidy and it is driving me to despair! I can’t stop the girls making a mess but I can make it more homely with little touches here and there. I want to continue this in the new year, to make our little home somewhere to be proud of.


I am a terrible family member. I am great at focusing on my own little family but my awareness of the wider family is definitely lacking. I want to make more time for family, go on more days out and remember to invite grandparents etc… Feeling more in touch with family and creating memories will definitely help to keep me grounded and focused on what is most important.

I think that is it, things that definitely need addressing in the new year to help me feel more in control of my surroundings, my job and my relationships with the people who I love the most. By feeling more in control of those things I will be happier in myself and hopefully I won’t feel so bogged down by life. I am going to make sure I write daily lists in my bullet journal to help me stay focused – couldn’t have been without my journal this year!

Have you got any plans to get organised in 2017? 

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  • Reply
    Carie @ Space for the Butterflies
    December 31, 2016 at 6:46 am

    They are all wonderful plans and intentions, especially taking time for yourself. Life with three doesn’t seem to get any less busy and I’ve found the most important thing I can do is give myself a break when I don’t live up to my aims!!!

  • Reply
    January 4, 2017 at 6:44 am

    Great goals for 2017! We have the same planner! Good luck

  • Reply
    Becky | Spirited Puddle Jumper
    January 4, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    Love this Katy as I am an organisational freak, and I hate feeling out of control or that my head or home is messy! We have lots of the same aims, I need to be more consistent with the blog and work at a more steady pace, rather than going hell for leather and then burning out and not doing anything for 5 days! x

  • Reply
    Sarah Howe @runjumpscrap
    January 4, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    I am going to sit and write something like this. In Dec I hit a wall…not sure if hormones, the baby bubble burst or mild PND but not feeling so good and know, alongside a bit of support I need to focus my mind. Think I will get my diary out tonight. Hope you start feeling less stressed and ready to go in 2017 xx

  • Reply
    Jess - Mummy of boy girlt wins
    January 4, 2017 at 7:25 pm

    Such great goals! Good luck. It’s hard to do it all – especially as you have such a young family but start with smaller goals and that will help 🙂 Here’s to 2017! xx

  • Reply
    Natalie Redman
    January 8, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    Seems like you have an extremely busy lifestyle especially with the kids. But continue to hold up, life gets tough but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel!

    • Reply
      January 8, 2017 at 9:50 pm

      Thank you, just talking about it always helps x

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