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My Positivity Project from Peonies & Peace

Inside: A look at the new My Positivity Project Journal from Peonies & Peace | Gifted item

I am a stationery junkie and I am also obsessed with anything to do with positivity and growth, so when the very lovely Kate from Peonies & Peace asked me whether I would take a look at her new journal I was thrilled!

Who is Peonies & Peace?

I have known Kate a good few years now and she is just the loveliest, kindest human. Her blog The Less-Refined Mind is full of thought-provoking pieces as well as useful content for mums to guide them through their motherhood journey. She then launched Peonies & Peace as another creative outlet, selling ethical and sustainable clothing, tote bags and journals.

Her latest offering is ‘My Positivity Project’ which is a mix between a journal and a workbook to help you grow and learn more about yourself. It is also full of lovely mindful exercises to help you unwind and relax.

My Positivity Project

The journal starts off by talking you through what you can expect from the book, with insight into the different aspects to be used throughout. I really liked this as I felt that I was not only being given the tools to help me but the reasons and learnings behind them all.

The different sections

The journal is broken down into 5 different sections, each starting off with a little gift. I mean I don’t know about you but I love free gifts and each one brought me joy! I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you what they are but you can see from the photo above that they are packaged beautifully.


This first section is all about journaling, either through gratitude or through noticing your surroundings and being more mindful as a result. Gratitude journaling is one of my daily practices and so I love that this is such a big part of the journal.

Each page is different, with elements to colour and areas to get you to reflect on what is important to you. An important exercise that everyone should do regularly.


This section comes with some mindful colouring pages, the perfect way to unwind and relax when you have the time. It also ventures into an area of introspection, with pages to think about your mental health and how you feel about yourself. Again, so important to work through this – you will be all the better for it.


You can imagine the little gift for this section… (it is vegan too!). This section is all about looking at the regrets we have and the mistakes that we have made. But also, looking at the outcomes and the lessons that we have learned and making peace with them.


Here we go back to gratitude and pages to help you work through any ideas you have had and realisations you’ve come to as you’ve worked through the book.

You do feel like you have worked through lots by the time you get to this section so hopefully you will find these pages easier to fill out compared to the first section when you may well be new to gratitude and positivity.

Advocacy Cards

Here you are given cards as your gift and encouraged to give them to trusted friends or family members so that they can write down a favourite memory on one side and also your strengths and qualities on the other. I will admit I haven’t done this, partly due to lockdown but partly because I am so shy that I struggle asking things of people. It is indeed something I need to work on.

There are also pages to help you to set goals, again something that I am a massive advocate for as I write out my my goals every single day to keep me on track.

My thoughts

The My Positivity Project journal is very well thought out and takes you on a journey as you work through each of the pages. I would say if you did one page a day, working through the various gratitude pages and taking on board all of the teachings, I would say this journal would last a good 4 months or so. It really is more of a project, something to take you from one mindset to another, to learn new ways of thinking and gain a new perspective on your life.

It was recently endorsed by TV’s Emma Kenny, the resident psychologist for This Morning. I mean, you can’t get better than that, can you?

If you are looking for a project, something to help you work on yourself for a change, treat yourself to this wonderful journal – you are worth taking the time over.

Go check out the journal plus all of the other wonderful offerings on Peonies & Peace.

I was gifted this journal in return for this feature but as always, all words and thoughts are my own.

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Claire Rocks

Friday 10th of July 2020

I'm such a planner addict and I love self care/ self love products! This is right up my street!


Monday 13th of July 2020

It is really lovely - great to focus on mindfulness every day x