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Modibodi – Redefining Period Pants

Inside: a review of my experience wearing Modibodi period pants

I worked out the other day that I have been getting my period for the last 24 years. Of course, I got a reprieve during pregnancies and breastfeeding but that works out as roughly 240 periods since I was 11. How bloody awful.

When you then take into consideration all of the pads and tampons that will have been used over those 240 periods, that adds up to a lot of money spent and a lot of waste being sent to landfill. Or worse – tampons being flushed down the toilet. And I still have a good few years to go!

For me, it hasn’t all been all high and mighty save the planet reasons that have led me to reusables. The truth of the matter is, disposables irritate my skin. They burn me in fact, as do nappies on my children. So over the last few years, I have tried a number of different solutions to avoid using disposable period products.

The latest thing though, the one that really caught my eye, was the invention of period pants. I mean they are genius really, pants with a built-in absorption layer. How did nobody think of them sooner?

The problem with new products though, is that until a few people have tried them out, you definitely don’t want to be trying them yourself. Nobody wants to realise a product has failed them in the middle of the supermarket, right?

But, in the quest to find myself a solution and to help you to find a better way of living with, let’s be honest, a rather crappy symptom of womanhood, I decided to give Modibodi a try.

Modibodi is just one of the brands that make period pants but one that is loved and trusted by thousands of women, me included.

The thing I like about Modibody is that their pants are still pretty. I mean they do have plain styles if that is what you prefer, but for me, the frillier the better – especially when you are feeling a bit down.

I’m not going to bore you with how they work. Because honestly, it doesn’t particularly matter. What matters is, they don’t leak! And, they are comfortable!

I was anxious that a) they’d leak but b) that somehow I’d feel myself leaking throughout the day. Why I thought I’d feel it more than a pad that sits against my pants is anyone’s guess, but the good news is, I felt secure the whole time.

Now, the thing that puts a lot of people off reusable products is the washing. But come on, we wipe dirty bums for years – a bit of blood is nothing. And how many times have you put a dribble soaked bib in the washing machine? Or a babygrow that’s been the victim of a pooplosion? It is exactly the same as that. Give the pants a rinse under the tap and pop them in the machine. Done and done.

When I am on my period I feel cranky, bloated and down in the dumps. Do I want to add to that by having to wear pads or tampons? Or would it be nicer to pop on a fresh pair of pants that make me feel a bit sexy?

No question really, is there?

What do you think? Could you see yourself swapping? If you have any questions pop them in the comments below.

I was gifted these pants in return for this feature, but all words and thoughts are my own.

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    Slow Simple Chaos
    August 19, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    Ooh. They sound good! The whole mooncup thing wasn’t for me, and I hate pads which is the only thing putting me off, I don’t like the feel of them in my underwear ??‍♀️ And I know this is probably a tmi question – but what about smell? I was always a bit paranoid when I was a teenager that pads smelt ? xx

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