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Mama Style: Spacious Changing Bag from Mia Tui

I am not sure I have ever loved a bag as much as I love my Mia Tui bag and that is really saying something as I adore bags! But this bag, I am not even sure I can do it justice – it is just beautiful and brilliant.

I first heard about Mia Tui a couple of years ago at a press event where I was given a Lottie bag as part of the goodie bag for attending. I have used it so many times when I have just needed a simple cross-body bag for my keys, phone and debit card. I am not sure why I never thought to get one of their changing bags back then, I wish I had as honestly I have been missing out!

Meet Emma, my gorgeous new changing bag. Now actually Emma is not exclusively a changing bag, you can get it without the buggy clips and changing mat, but obviously that is the stage I am at right now. However, once Wills is out of nappies I will definitely carry on using it as a handbag as I have always loved large shopper styles.

There are so many reasons I love Mia Tui bags, specifically my Emma bag. They are made from an ultra soft faux-leather and have a waterproof interior. Mine is Navy and has the brightest pink lining, which I absolutely adore!

What makes the Emma so brilliant is the number of pockets! I am forever losing my keys, my phone, my purse and it drives me bonkers. Well no more! My keys are attached to a key clip, my phone slides into its own pocket and everything else fits nicely into the other pockets.

It also comes with a little matching clutch, which I always pop my essentials into if we go out as a family. That way, if Mr F goes off with the buggy I am not left without my card or phone!

As a changing bag it is great as it has insulated bottle holders and plenty of space for a spare vest and babygrow.

The changing mat has inbuilt pockets, so handy for storing the nappies and wipes! I was sent the bag as part of a collaboration with Mia Tui but I decided to upgrade it to a changing bag by getting the mat and the buggy clips myself.

I am so glad I did as the clips are so handy, meaning I have my bag within reach at all times when we are out and about.

Basically, this bag has it all. It is a gorgeous bag, everything you need to keep organised but it is also a brilliant changing bag, perfect for all your mama bits and pieces. If you are looking for a brilliant bag, go check out the other styles on the Mia Tui website. If you are looking for a changing bag then Emma is the bag you need in your life!

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    Madeline (This Glorious Life)
    March 17, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    All the MiaTui bags look amazing, so well thought out! And love the colour of this one, it’s gorgeous! x

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