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Are you making time for family nights in?

Inside: Ways to spend more time together as a family. 

The other week I put the children to bed after a particularly busy day and realised that I hadn’t really seen them at all.

I mean, I’d been with them the whole time, but I’d been busy making calls, running errands in town, taking them to various clubs – the usual busy day to day lives we lead.

We’re all guilty of it, aren’t we? There is always something that needs doing, something to distract us. Time flies and honestly, it seems to be getting faster every year!

I don’t want to wake up one day, realise my children have left home and that I spent so long being busy that I missed it all.

Missed all of the laughter, the cuddles, the smiles on their faces. 

Not to say I’m not there for them. But I’m not always there. There in the moment.

Butterkist recently sent us over a hamper, full of everything we would need for a fun night in. There was popcorn in every flavour imaginable (by the way, you need to try the Crunchy Toffee flavour, it is amazing), a pack of cards, a bop it and a Now TV movie pass.

The girls had never played bop it before but soon found themselves laughing hysterically as they frantically tried to follow the instructions. It was so nice switching off for the evening and focusing on being a family.

I hadn’t realised how much we needed it. 

We taught them how to play 7’s – now a firm favourite as an after-school game and we found some board games to play too.

We finished off the evening snuggled on the sofa watching Elf, I mean they have to be introduced to that movie, don’t they?

They’ve both been asking to play more games, rather than automatically turning to the tv of an evening. It is such an easy way to end the day but switching off and spending quality time together is way more important, isn’t it?

Easy ways to spend time together as a family

Games night: play cards, board games, bop it, Pictionary, dominoes – the list is endless!

Camp out: pile onto the duvets, bring out all the pillows and sleeping bags and have a sleepover in the living room.

Movie night: Choose a movie you will all enjoy and turn off all other distractions. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Star-gazing: This is one of our favourites – camp outside and see what constellations you can spot!

Disco: We do this all the time! Pop on some music and dance like crazies around the living room. If you can turn off the lights and have a disco ball then that’s even better!

So what are you waiting for? Take a night off from technology, say no to any other commitments and enjoy some quality time together.

p.s. Grace has been practising bop it so much that she beat it the other day – top score of 100 points (my highest was 24 haha!).

This post is written in collaboration with Butterkist. 

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