Rockin' Baby Toddler and Baby Clothing Review

A Little Photoshoot With Rockin’ Baby

My littlies, at two ends of the baby spectrum. A toddler on the cusp of childhood and my newborn Wills, fresh into the world. They are both my babies and always will be, I just wish time didn’t go so quickly.

They are already so close, with Lils taking on a maternal role towards him. She has loved him since the day she found out about him, always kissing my bump goodnight and telling him she loved him. The moment she met him for the first time will be a moment I will treasure forever – she was instantly smitten.

They were both sent some gorgeous clothes from Rockin’ Baby in time for autumn and so I thought I would take the opportunity to get a few photos of just the two of them, to show the bond they share.

LJ and W Rockin baby

I always worried that Lils might be a little rough with him – she isn’t the most careful ‘mama’ when it comes playing with her dolls. I needn’t have worried though as he couldn’t ask for a more gentle sister. She is ever so protective and caring towards him, always letting me know if he needs feeding or if he has dropped his dummy. It is just adorable really.

little ones in rockin baby

Look at her, pleased as punch to be a big sister!

LJ and W in teepee

Autumn is by far my favourite season and their Grandma’s garden made for the perfect backdrop for the photoshoot. The ground was a little wet so I set up their teepee – I just love these photos, definitely ones for the wall.

Rockin Baby flower Top

Lils is suddenly looking so grown up don’t you think?

W in Rockin baby

This outfit is so cute, I love the yellow and grey on him. It is so soft too and although it isn’t a sleepsuit (his normal daywear) I don’t think it makes him look older than he is. Rockin’ Baby have so many lovely clothes and I have my eye on a couple of Christmas rompers actually! 🙂

The thing I really love about the brand is the fact that they partner with non-profit organisations around the world and it is great to know that every time you buy something, they donate a product to someone in need. I do love the look of their slings, might have to add one to my Christmas list!

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