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Life lately: June 2019

Once again it has been far too long since I did a little update. I blame Instagram.

Once upon a time you had to wait to hear any updates from anyone, wait to see photos from their holiday or wait to hear big news. These days everything is uploaded in real-time via stories, leaving the blog dusty and neglected.

Do you know what I mean?

There is something addictive about popping onto IG and seeing what people are up to in-the-moment, but I have to say I miss reading blogs. I miss the extra details that the written word gives you. I always felt like reading a blog post was the equivalent to receiving a letter, something a little more personal. There is nothing wrong with seeing someone in person (ie Stories) but a letter (ie a blog post) is more thought out and allows you to express things you might not say in person.

Anyway, enough of that. Just means I am going to be writing more on here from now on.

So, life lately…

I’m currently waiting for Grace to finish her ballet lesson, sitting on the most uncomfortable chair ever made, watching the raindrops splatter down the window pane in front of me. I seem to live here actually, with Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays being the girls’ dance days. This little corner with a plug socket has become ‘my space’ and as much as my back is broken I’m quite happy listening to the music while I get my work done.

Work looks a lot different to past blogging years, with less of a focus on working with brands and more attention going towards what I can give to others. Because that is my ultimate goal – to be able to help as many women as possible. You may have caught my Facebook/ Instagram LIVE shows during the week, a prime example of giving for the sake of giving. If you haven’t caught them then come on over – 10am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

But I am kept busy by Wills most of the time, at two and a half he is a bundle of energy that makes me laugh all of the time. I won’t have him home with me for much longer and so I want to soak up as much as I can before he is lost into the school system for the rest of his childhood.

That’s a bit overly dramatic isn’t it? Ha!

If you read my last post you will know I am going through what some people may call a mid-life crisis. As I explained in the post I think of it more as a mid-life liberation. For the first time in absolutely forever, I am doing more to make myself happy instead of putting others first. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve not become some selfish pig that doesn’t consider anyone else, I am just realising that doing what I want, for the most part, has no bearing or effect on anyone else at all.

Which is probably why I am enjoying blogging and Instagramming etc etc more – I am finally doing it for me. I post what I want, things that if they just help one person will be a job well done. So much of blogging and social media has meant that likes and ‘engagement’ have been the ultimate goal and it has meant so many amazing people get overwhelmed by it all and quit. I have come close I can tell you.

But no more.

Life going forward…

We are into the final half term at school which seems like madness. Where has the year gone? As my mum always says ‘it’ll be Christmas before we know it!!’ But true, right?

We have no real plans to speak of (or that spring to mind right now) so we will just enjoy the weekends as they come and hope that the weather perks up a bit! Apparently we are due a heatwave but honestly I think they are making that up!

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