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Letters To Wills: On Your First Birthday

Dear Wills,

I was going to write this last night but I couldn’t stop my eyes from misting up long enough to see the screen to write. So instead I wrapped up your present and wrote your card, ready for you to open today.

We got you a whizzy car thing as you are obsessed with wheels. Your sisters helped you to open it and you haven’t stopped playing with it since, whooshing the cars down the ramps over and over again.

So right now you are upstairs taking a nap, not that you’ll get long as we need to go fetch Lils from nursery in a bit. You are so good though, all I have to do is pop your dummy in and you roll over. You’re like me and Lils – love your sleep!

I can’t actually believe you are one and honestly, it doesn’t seem a minute that you were brand new and I was bringing you home to meet your sisters. They were so happy that day, they’d waited so patiently for you to arrive – even though you kept us waiting 8 extra days!

They love you so much – you’ve well and truly brought out their mothering instincts! They fuss over you and always keep an eye out to make sure you are safe. You honestly couldn’t ask for better sisters in those two.

One year old. And such a lovely little boy.

Your favourite thing is walking around the furniture right now, and you have Lil’s old trolley that you push along if you can manage to scream long enough that someone will get it for you. It is so funny as you get in such a strop when you can’t navigate it around the furniture!

You make me smile so much.

You haven’t said any words yet. Well, we aren’t sure actually as you do say ‘hiya’ at the most appropriate times but it may well be a coincidence – who knows! Either way it won’t be long until you are yabbering away as you babble non-stop right now.

Your understanding is definitely there though as you know exactly what I mean when I say to go find your juice cup or if I ask for a kiss. You love kisses and cuddles actually, especially for daddy. You are 100% a daddy’s boy.

This year has flown by, but from the moment they plonked you onto my chest I loved you and I love you more every single day.

Always know that.

You are my beautiful blue-eyed boy and I love you so so much, thank you for bringing such joy to our lives.

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