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LeapFrog Read with Me Scout

My girls are obsessed with reading, whether it is being read to or reading themselves it doesn’t matter, they love it! I have never actively encouraged reading but I guess it is just such a big part of our lives that they have naturally acquired our love of books. As a child I loved to read and as an adult I still have a pile of books by the side of my bed, so I am so pleased that they are following in my footsteps.

We have just started reading a ‘big book’ at bedtime just as my dad used to do with me – he used to read me all sorts from The Hobbit to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. They still love picture books though and they really love looking at books themselves without any help at all from us. LeapFrog recently sent us a Read with Me Scout to have a play with and you should have seen their faces when they saw him!

He is a cuddly interactive puppy that encourages a love of reading and improves comprehension skills through asking questions.

He comes with 5 colourful books, each with a different theme and learning focus.

There are two settings to choose from when you turn him on, story mode or sleepy time mode. In story time mode he will ask questions and get you to interact by patting his head, cheek or back. In sleepy time mode he will simply read them a bedtime story with no interaction.

The buttons on his collar correspond to the books and so once you’ve chosen your book you just press the number and he will begin to read.

His paws are also interactive, with friendly phrases and catchy songs activated when pressed.

The girls really love him and I really like the fact that he is enhancing their love of reading through a fun interactive way. We made a little video to show you what he can do in more detail too, take a look here…

If your little one loves books as much as mine then Scout is a great way to get them to take control of their own learning in a fun way!

Does your little one love reading too?

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