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When was the last time you did something just for you?

Get up, get dressed, kids to school, housework, work, cranky babies, cooking… shall I go on?

Life as a mum is busy, isn’t it?

As soon as you see those 2 little lines, you focus on growing that baby and being a mother. Anything that was once yours gets pushed aside to make room for new routines, new everydays and a new life.

Life as a mum.

I have to say, even before I became a mum I never really had any hobbies. So to be fair, becoming a mum didn’t change much for me. Still, there comes a point when you just need to have something of your own.

A month or so ago I went along to an event in London, a Boogie Bounce event with Lights by Tena. It was so much fun, I honestly haven’t laughed so much in a long time. It made me realise two things; that I need to have more fun and that I have a very weak pelvic floor!

I vowed from that day that I would start some form of exercise class and as of this week I have started not one, but three!

I have started aerobics, circuit training and something that I have wanted to do since I was a child – dance. I have had an absolute ball (although I ache beyond all words) and I have felt such a sense of empowerment – finally taking time for myself after all these years.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room… weak pelvic floors!

How often did you do your pelvic exercises after birth? I have done exactly…. none – and that is after three babies!

If you don’t do those crucial exercises then you can get yourself in serious trouble. But Tena Lights have got a fantastic app which helps remind you to do those exercises and tells you which ones to do to get that pelvic floor back in shape.

It isn’t a subject that I have ever spoken about or even thought about myself actually, but it is something we all need to think about. With simple exercises, you can prevent those little oops moments from happening and lead the life you want to lead.

With three classes a week, I need to make sure I am having less oops moments and the app gives me the handy reminder that I need. And in the meantime, Tena Lights keep me fresh and protected.

Life is too short to not to do the things you love, so I am challenging you to have a think about something you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe you’ve always wanted to do a dance class too? But whatever you do, spend 5 minutes a day looking after your pelvic floor – you’ll thank yourself in the long run!

Download the myPFF app and get started now and comment below with what you wish you could have always done – something you are going to look into starting this year.

I was invited to this event but chose to share the app with you as it has helped me and it can help you too. x

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