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Kids Style: Soft Baby Shoes from Dotty Fish

Inside: Review of baby shoes from Dotty Fish

Walking is one of those defining milestones, isn’t it? One that takes them from baby to toddler in a blink of an eye. It isn’t one that I have encouraged this time around, I am not quite ready to say goodbye to the baby days just yet.

He has other ideas though, he wants to chase his sisters around the house and kick balls in the garden.

He is ready, even if I’m not.

There’s no stopping it, so I have to embrace it and soak up every single moment in the here and now. Taking pleasure in the little things, the joy that having a toddler brings.

And with walking comes shoes, gorgeous teeny tiny shoes, for delicate little feet. It is the silver lining for this milestone and one that I love.

Now you may or may not know, but I am obsessed with foxes. I can’t even explain why but I just love anything foxy, so when I spotted these shoes from Dotty Fish I absolutely fell in love!

Aren’t they gorgeous?

They are made with the softest leather, which means they are breathable and very flexible. Dotty Fish shoes also have elasticated ankles so that their shoes go on easily and don’t keep falling off. And they really don’t – not even when he starts crawling at the speed of light.

His absolute favourite though are his slippers. You should have seen his face when I first put them on. He wears them around the house and they keep his toes nice and toasty.

I love that the soles are suede, meaning he doesn’t slip on our laminate floor when trying to walk.

Doesn’t he look adorable? 

Both pairs are just so lovely and I have my eye on a couple of pairs ready for the next stage in his walking journey.

Go take a look on the Dotty Fish site to see what else they have to offer – so many gorgeous styles!


We were gifted these shoes but we love them and all words are my own. 




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