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Kids Style: Rainbow fun from St Berts

I have a thing about rainbows, they are just so magical and colourful, aren’t they?

Lils is my rainbow baby too, so whenever I see anything with rainbows on I just can’t help myself. So when I spotted the very colourful brand St Bert’s, I just loved everything on their site.

Not only are the clothes bright and colourful, they are also retro – everything makes me think of the good old days. You know what I mean – those carefree days, where the sun shined for the whole summer and all was right in the world.

St Bert’s clothing takes me back – it makes me want to go right back to my childhood.

Now obviously I can’t go back, but I can make sure I give my children a childhood to remember too. Simple fun, plenty of family time and just a sense of freedom.

My girls are full of fun, always laughing and messing around. St Berts clothing sums them up – colourful and fun!

I want one of these hoodies – actually I would wear everything from the range. That is the great thing about it actually, nothing scream ‘kids’, just great clothes!

I have to say, the shorts are my favourite thing from the collection. The fact that they are made from towelling is the thing that takes me back – I had a pair exactly like this!

We decided to head on down to the park as the weather was so nice at the weekend. I am hoping for lots more sunshine now – bring on the summer and shorts days every day!

Too hot for hoodies!

Gracie is obsessed with monkey bars – any opportunity to swing from something and she is on it like a shot. She’s determined too – her hands get so sore from trying every day at school!

Lils also tries, but isn’t quite as determined as her sister. She is just like me, happy to go with the flow and get on with having fun.

She was hysterical here – absolutely could not stop herself laughing! 

I really do hope we get more sunny weekends from now on as I want to get out and about with them as much as possible. Going to the park is just an easy and simple thing to do but they had fun and just loved having our full attention.

It’s funny how clothes can bring back memories, isn’t it? And better still, inspire you to get on out and create more. If you love the clothes as much as I do then head on over to the St Berts site to see what other fab bits they have!

We were gifted these outfits in return for this feature. 


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