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Improve Your Living Room Storage With A Practical Sofa

Inside: Improve Your Living Room Storage With A Practical Sofa. Collaborative post.

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As all of us are aware, storage is a big issue in most homes. When you have kids, you also have a lot of…well…junk. It might not seem like junk, but it feels that way when it clutters up all of your rooms. 

The living area is usually one of the biggest culprits, filled with kid’s toys, DVD cases, video game cases, charging wires and so on. It makes the whole area feel messy and disorganised, which is the exact opposite of what a living room should feel like. This should be a peaceful place that makes you feel relaxed! 

Luckily, there are ways to improve the storage situation in your living room. Sure, you could buy more storage boxes or containers – but this takes up extra space. Instead, the smartest decision is to target your sofa. You can unlock lots of storage potential with a practical sofa – and here’s what you should be looking out for:

A sofa with space underneath

When you look to buy sofas and lounges, you’ll notice there are almost too many options to consider. Sofas are available in so many designs, sizes and styles; how do you choose one that’s practical for your living room? 

It’s easy, look for ones that are slightly raised above the ground, giving you room underneath! 

Why? Because this space can be used as storage for a lot of the junk that’s scattered around the living room. You can make your own little storage containers – or just buy some online – that slide under your sofa. They’re hardly noticeable, yet all of the mess gets hidden away neatly. If you need something, pull out the container from under the sofa, then slide it back; simple!

Plus, you could put a big throw over the sofa that hangs below it and hides the underneath section to make it look even neater!

A sofa with built-in storage

Do you know those beds that lift up and reveal storage inside them? Well, it is technically possible to find sofas that do the same thing. Usually, these are L-shaped or chaise sofas with a section that extends out further than the rest. Already, this is great for relaxing, but some sofas let you lift up this section to reveal internal storage. 

Obviously, this is fantastic as you get extra storage space without taking up any extra space in your living room. 

The downside is that these sofas are tricky to find and can cost a lot of money. If you find one that you like – and is within your budget – it could be worth considering. 

Regardless, you’ve now got two different options to help you sort out the storage situation in your living room. If you don’t want to take up more space with other forms of storage; turn your attention to the sofa. You actually might be very lucky and already own a sofa that has space underneath. If so, all you have to do is get some slim storage containers or draws to slide under there!

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