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Introducing Iceland’s Delicious Autumn Collection

I love food, I love cooking it and I love eating it. As a child I was incredibly fussy and grew up on fish fingers chips and beans, but as an adult I have taught myself to cook and now have quite a varied taste. When I was first asked to work with Iceland, I wasn’t really sure that they fitted in with our lifestyle – to me they meant ready meals and frozen junk food.

Oh how wrong I was! 

Hopefully you caught my last collaboration with them (if not go check out my frittata dish as it is so tasty) where I talked about their new program on Channel 4 – Eat The Week. They are trying to show us that frozen food is not junk food, that it can be used as an ingredient to make up a delicious meal. Apparently lots of chefs will recommend using various frozen ingredients and studies show that nutrients are preserved for longer when frozen from the field.

I was invited along to the launch of their autumn range (some available now and some due in store from Sept ’17) and I wasn’t quite prepared for what met my tastebuds. I was expecting fairly basic foods but my goodness I was in for a treat! I left feeling absolutely stuffed and desperate for more!

So what did I try?

Tuna Tartare, Riced Cauliflower, Lemon Fava Cream

Trout Fillet with Riced Greens on Sour Dough

Crab Taco, Deep Fried Avocado, Pickled Cucumber & Mustard

Red Shrimp Schnitzel

Red Shrimp Chilli Sauce & Gnocchi

Duo of soup (Cream of tomato and super green soup)

Gastro Sausage Roll 

Bonfire Chicken Toastie, Sour Cream, Pink Pickled Onions

Belgian Blue Beef

Venison & Pickled Blueberry

Raspberry Tarte,  Sicilian Lemon Tartlettes, Millionaires Tartlettes 

Ice cream (Peanut Butter, Caramel Ice Cream and chocolate) served on Welsh cakes

Triple dip chocolate ice cream

Have you ever seen such beautiful dishes? As you can see, not a frozen fish finger or a ready meal in sight! I am so impressed by everything and I am telling you now, the ice creams are absolutely incredible!

Like I said, they are wanting to encourage us to make dishes using frozen ingredients. So, many of the dishes do not come as they were presented to me, but instead used various ingredients to create a delicious meal. One of my favourites (besides the desserts) was the avocado. Did you know you could buy frozen avocado? Nope – me neither! That is a game changer I can tell you!

If you haven’t been to Iceland for a while then you really should go check out what they have to offer, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

This post is written in collaboration with Iceland

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    May 25, 2017 at 10:49 pm

    Oh my gosh that food looks immense! I can’t actually believe it’s Iceland – and I forgive you for mentioning Autumn x

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