Hatchimals Fabula Forest Puffatoo Hatching & Review - What Katy Said

Hatchimals Fabula Forest – Who’s inside? It’s a surprise!

Inside: Review of the new Hatchimals Fabula Forest toy

I don’t think you can beat the excitement of watching something hatch, can you?

It is the not knowing who is going to pop out that is the most exciting part, the anticipation of finding out the colour and the type you’ll get.

We were recently sent a Hatchimals Fabula Forest to take a look at and honestly, I think I was just as excited as the kids!

You are never too old for some Hatchimals fun!

Hatchimals Fabula Forest is a brand new species and not only gives you the fun of finding out which colour you’ll get, but you also have the choice of a Puffatoo or a Tigrette. As you can see from our box, we were sent the Puffatoo.

To activate the egg, you simply have to remove it from the box. You then have to start rubbing and interacting with the egg to encourage your little Puffatoo to start hatching.

YOU are the key to releasing the magic.

Something that amazed the girls was the fact that if you tap the egg, the Hatchimal taps back! Their faces were a treat!

After around 10 minutes of encouragement, the beak will start to peck away and the eyes will flash through the egg.

Who’s inside? It’s a surprise!

Keep tapping and eventually, the egg will have enough cracks to be able to lift the top off!

Oh hello, little Puffatoo!! As you can see we have the purple Puffatoo, with its soft and sparkly patterned fur.

Press her tummy and she will start singing ‘Hatchy Birthday’ which is super cute!

The hatch is one special moment in time but the fun doesn’t stop there, which is brilliant! After the excitement of hatching, you can nurture your Hatchimal from baby to toddler to kid.

In baby mode they are very much like a real baby in that they need cuddles, feeding and keeping happy most of the time. I love that this encourages a nurturing behaviour and teaches responsibility.

Once they progress through the stages they are able to learn your name, learn to walk and learn to dance. By the time they reach kid stage they will be able to play more complex games like Tune Tag, Musical Moves, and Rhythm Repeat – keeping your little one entertained the whole way along.

Hatchimals are aimed at 5+ and I can say that Lils at age 4, lost interest after the hatching process and a few cuddles, whereas Gracie at age 6 was very interested in teaching the Puffatoo to do all sorts of tricks!

Hatchimals Fabula Forest are priced at £59.99 and are available from all good toy stores. Visit www.Hatchimals.com for more fun and games and download the free app to explore Hatchtopia, play games and more.

We were sent this item to review but all thoughts and words are my own. 


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