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Happy feet with Bobux Shoes

Inside: A look at the new range of shoes from Bobux (gifted items)

I don’t know about you but I’ve always struggled with finding kids shoes that fit well. They are either too tight, too loose, too big or too small – nothing is every just right.

When Lily was a baby we discovered Bobux and honestly I have never loved a pair of shoes as much as I loved those shoes. They were like gloves on her feet and allowed her to learn to walk without stunting foot growth.

Over the years we have stuck with the brand each time the kids have needed trainers and this year is no different!

A new design

In previous years we have always gone for a classic look with the trainers, but this year Bobux have introduced new styles for A/W and they are just that little bit smarter than a normal trainer – perfect for my three!

The girls both went for the Grass Court trainer, with Lily choosing Watermelon Pink and Grace choosing Sapphire Blue. The shoes are made from a soft but durable leather and the soles are flexible with strategically placed grooves to support growing feet.

They come with two options for laces (both included in the box) – classic style or an elasticated clip-through style. Grace has particularly narrow feet so we switched hers for the normal laces.

The younger shoes come with velcro too!

William went for a navy and I decided that with his tendency to jump in puddles, the waterproof version of the Grass Court shoe would be perfect for him. Nobody likes damp feet! They are supposed to keep out the water up to ankle height and I can confirm (after he stood in a deep puddle) that they do indeed keep feet dry!

They all agree they are comfortable and as you can see they are perfect for climbing and having fun in!

Have you tried Bobux before? Go take a look on their website to see the other styles they have on offer!

We were gifted these shoes but as always, I only share products that I truly love.

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